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Is there an historical comparison to:
Universities educating & credentialing a propaganda field *unknown* 10 years prior?

(i.e., race/gender studies, climate change?)

Thanks for your consideration.

Just like when my son came home from elementary school saying mom we got to get fireworks because the deputies were there blowing parts off mannequin's that day, for safety.

Image not loading, it's a family photo of things to make an IED.

I run a. "vintage shop" in a blue county surrounded by red red red.
Here's the letter I received today, next pic DOES NOT SHOW a shopping list.

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Protests in Pakistan erupt against China’s “Bribe and Loan” plan -

Demonstrations shut down Gwadar where Chinese are blamed for lack of water & electricity & threat to local fishing.


The way this is playing out, Biden's grandkids are going to legally change their last names.

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Remember though, the final battle will be fought on Horseback.

This is the place.

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@EngOnDemand @Debradelai

Funny you should mention that...

I won't link to the video because it shows their faces, but fit young men dressed as women are directing unseen actions at the protests popping up in Afghanistan.

They're turning around and shouting single words and using hand signals.

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Considering that Taiwan supplies ALL of our microchips, going to war on her behalf is a matter of survival.

Unless YOU decide to replace Taiwan as our microchip supplier.

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Stratfor to this day refuses to accept that the Gulf Cooperation Council led the fight in the Middle East.

The Saudis are ALREADY IN Afghanistan.

This will be the fourth time the GCC has used its tried and true strategy of hollowing out.

The Taliban crazies will all be killed, and then the leadership will go back to the Doha agreement.

Watch it happen.

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They keep saying they're going to do everything POSSIBLE to save them, until "the clock runs out."

Austin has no idea what happened to the Afghan Air Force.

Why not?

Because the Afghans were smart enough to not TELL US beforehand that they had a plan.

The air force is safe in neighboring countries.

Austin and Milley are serving as spokesmen for the Taliban, for which they should face court martial.

I'll bet Milley really regrets turning against Trump.

Too bad, so sad.

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Too many people still think that the US is the only country capable of standing up to the world's four troublemakers:

China, Russia, Iran, and Pakistan.

In reality their neighbors can easily kick their asses.


It only took Trump to get us there.

The Afghans are already rising up, and they have the Gulf Cooperation Council to help them.

We'll send help if asked, AFTER Biden is gone.

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The Phantasm is not the only Democrat in hiding.

They are all running away like the cowards and bullies that they are

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I can't see Biden surviving this. Or Harris.

They're the main channels for the regime handlers such as Susan Rice.

Who will they turn to? Pelosi?

The crooks could be in big trouble here.

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