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I read a line from a @ThomasWic toot a couple months ago,
and it encapsulates EVERYTHING that has been the life-stuff in my heart, mind and sould for the past four years, since the escalator.

Here it is....

"If you hate Trump, it means that you yourself are evil."

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I hate Google. They run commercials about how much Google can "help" people, and yet decent people with decent messages are being throttled on Google's YouTube platform.

Such deceitful marketing.

Google, if you wanted to help humanity, don't try to throttle ideas and opinions.

On January 26, Fox News host Chris Wallace will hold a town hall with Mayor Pete (butt-itch-itch).

I cannot watch Wallace fawn over the mayor.
Sorry, Fox, I'm out.

No sympathy for Harry.

A man in his thirties with full access to all of the written wisdom of Western civilization.

To be lured and used by a Hollywood floozie is shameful.

Princes who don't educate themselves deserve to be paupers.

"How dare you accuse me of hate?? I'm a Catholic and we are taught to stay in God's love. We don't hate."

"Have you heard of the Spanish Inquisition??"

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$736,000,000,000 in US foreign aid doled out between 2000 and 2016.

Only Trump is questioning where the money went and which families in the United States are benefiting.

THAT is why he's on trial.

I really enjoy seeing the face of the Lumify eyedrops gal.

Democrat agenda, 2008:
"Hope" and "Change

Democrat agenda, 2020:
"Hate" and "Rage"

Women marching for both "reproductive rights" and "immigration rights" today.......

No reproduction for women living here, but reproduction for immigrants from Squatemala.

Insane leftist monsters.

Who is the delicious hot blonde the news clips are showing walking on Lev Parnas's arm?

Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, stated that the pens Pelosi used to sign the articles of impeachment cost just under $15 a piece, while others claimed they were much pricier.
Has anyone seen an ACTUAL cost, not the malarkey claims??

Looks like the Douchenozzle and Douchebag of Sussex have been IMPEACHED by Queen Elizabeth! 👑

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People 'like her' who are afraid to have children because of climate change should, for sure, spare the rest of us by not procreating. That would help reduce the lunatic population.

AOC's pal Ayanna Pressley has lost all her hair.

I left her a voice message to let her know how satanic she looks with no hair, and I added how Satan is the one who removes the hair of evil women to mark them as part of his harem.😂
Bald-ass commie biyatch.

Representative Maloney is proud to have her own personal Pelosi signature souvenir pen.
I called her office and left a voice mail saying I saw a photo of her with Pelosi celebrating the souvenir pen, and that I hope to learn that someone has taken her souvenir Pelosi pen and shoved it up her ass.

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