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I read a line from a @ThomasWic toot a couple months ago,
and it encapsulates EVERYTHING that has been the life-stuff in my heart, mind and sould for the past four years, since the escalator.

Here it is....

"If you hate Trump, it means that you yourself are evil."

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I hate Google. They run commercials about how much Google can "help" people, and yet decent people with decent messages are being throttled on Google's YouTube platform.

Such deceitful marketing.

Google, if you wanted to help humanity, don't try to throttle ideas and opinions.

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The Rangers take no prisoners. They don't give poachers a chance to surrender.

I approve.

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Mad drunk Nancy Pelosi is another example.

An utter loon, corrupt as hell, trying to get rid of Trump to cover up her own crimes.

Screw these people. They're just so corrupt, such slimebags. Awful. The worst politicians in US history.

Hang em high

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How interesting that phony victim Christine Ballsey Ford was courageous enough to fly down from the Bay area to L.A. to accept some bullshit ACLU award.

I guess her fear of flying has been conveniently cured.

I remember when Senate Democrats were oh-so concerned about her flight a year ago from the left coast to DC to testify against Kavanaugh.

Overheard on the radio.....

"Impeachment charges are a lot like jokes, the more you have to explain them to people, the worse they are."

Trump, concerned about possible corruption in Ukraine, asked for an INVESTIGATION, not a prosecution.
If Democrats assume that an investigation would lead to a Biden prosecution, then they must have their own set of assumptions based on their familiarity with the Bidens.

Remind your libtard friends that Congressional Democrats voted to fine Americans for not having health insurance, but want to give health care to illegal invaders for free.

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Health insurer Kaiser Permanente has a diversity-promoting commercial that includes a drag queen reading to kids in a library.
if you think trannies in drag are too much, Kaiser says "Too bad!"

Congratulations to Joe Gibbs racing, M&Ms candy and Toyota for Kyle Busch's 2019 NASCAR championship!
Busch led 1582 of the 10,255 laps he raced this year, and he won 5 races on his way to the championship.

A new stiff will be at the MSNBC Dem debate on more Beto, but Tom Steyer, who has even less personality than O'Rourke, will take his place.
Missing will be Julian Castro who has not drawn any support from anyone with a brain, and Marianne Williamson who does peachy lovely self-help seminars but cannot help herself draw any interest.
Klobuchar, Gabbard, Harris and Warren are the four women who will debate along with the four Bs: Biden, Bernie, BootyJudge and Booker + Yang & Steyer

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@Dawnz Biden is not fit to give a speech, let alone command our troops.

He is a spectral presence. A phantom, dissolving before our eyes.

Soon we will be able to see through him.

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@BeFree They are our Betters. They will never forgive us for not listening to them and obeying. Every day they mourn.

So very, very sad....😎 😎

From google translate.....
kamala means 'horrible" in Finnish.😂

Rudy G says the State Department is shielding Yovanowitch and that many people referred to the American embassy in Ukraine under Yovanowitch as "the Hillary campaign office", in an OAN interview.

Today I learned that "nanny" is Swedish for "Daddy gets lucky."

If Schiff gets testimony in secret and then claims to release a 'transcript' to the public, how can we know that the transcript is accurate?

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Keep in mind that neither the Dems or the GOP are trustworthy groups.

Just because Trump used the GOP machine to win the Presidency, doesn't mean we support the GOP. Far from it.

We support Trump and him alone. GOP vs Dem partisan bickering means nothing.

Sure it was an Obama/Clinton op, but the GOP in cahoots ALSO tried to nix Trump in 2016.

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