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WOW, this video dedicated to @GenFlynn and his family is SPECTACULOR!! 💕 🇺🇸

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My good buddy @JosephJFlynn1 sent me some amazing photos of the Flynn family for this dedication! God Bless @GenFlynn and the whole amazing family! @BarbaraRedgate ML&R to you!

ThanQ For The Pain - Dedicated To General Mike Flynn & Family via @kunu22

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Now, to be clear : I'm NOT wading into Seth Rich murder conspiracies.

I'm just pointing out that all these people pushing the 'muh DNC hack' narrative are connected.

And also, that all the right people appear to be VERY nervous about something that's about to emerge about Julian Assange, the DNC and Seth Rich.

We will learn the truth, soon enough.

The end.


"demanded that Amazon ... do more to combat climate change and cut ties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement"

They are out of their minuscule minds.

Most are going back to the unemployment line. It's only a matter of time.

Seth Rich leaked to Wikileaks?

Entirely plausible. If true, this would be the reference Mark Warner was making about the devastating information implicating the Democrats, in his texts to Waldman in 2017.

We need gold standard proof, however. And please, no conspiracy theories on Rich's murder. That's a separate issue.

Of course they are, why would anyone think that they aren't! 🤔

Ryan Van Sickle

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Devin Nunes fears Mueller's staff could be backchanneling with the Democrats and that's why they put the hearing off a week. WOW
6:49 PM - 15 Jul 2019


It's historically been function of the House Whip to keep party unity.

The current Majority Whip is Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn from SC. He was appointed the position in January.

From some quick research he appears to be a disaster only making things worse.

"Jim Clyburn apologizes to Pelosi after diversity remark dust-up"


I love silent films because they have scenes that are far more relatable than what happens in today's uptight culture.

An early Harold Lloyd film.

As he flirts with a woman in a theater, he absentmindedly grabs the foot of the woman behind him and starts swinging it.

Shem Horne

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😂 😅 😂 they forced TheSquad to stop trending because it was trending with Al Qaeda. Whichever twitter worker allowed that to happen has now been fired. Continue pretending that President Trump is a racist. Nothing to see here.
5:53 PM - 15 Jul 2019



Just remember:

Everything Trump does serves MULTIPLE purposes.

"Amazing. Trump's standing up there waving his arms and attacking the Justice Squad in Congress and the media is fixated on it, the Justice D harpies play right into his hands with that stupid press conference.

Meanwhile Barr is doing THIS:"


It's not a question of preference.

They can't stop.

Both of my parents denied their illnesses until the moment they died.

Nothing we said to them got through.

So they died in terror. The Democrats will continue on this path until their party dies.


Cari Kelemen

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Good news: Barr invoked §1158(a)(2)(a) a multilateral treaty that declares Mexico a safe third country, so now all asylum seekers will be sent legally to Mexico for their hearing.

Better news: NO COURT shall have jurisdiction to review any determination by the AG under (a)(2)!
2:07 PM - 15 Jul 2019


My brother and I are getting junk phone calls every three minutes today. The phones are ringing off the hook.

The Democrats sold our unlisted phone numbers as a form of harassment and intimidation.


Trump still wins in a landslide.


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