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WOW, this video dedicated to @GenFlynn and his family is SPECTACULOR!! 💕 🇺🇸

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My good buddy @JosephJFlynn1 sent me some amazing photos of the Flynn family for this dedication! God Bless @GenFlynn and the whole amazing family! @BarbaraRedgate ML&R to you!

ThanQ For The Pain - Dedicated To General Mike Flynn & Family via @kunu22

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Sorry I could not do the extra yesterday, but tomorrow I'll definitely do My Turn, focused on the Flynn filings.

Recording a podcast for Spain at 5:00pm, My turn to follow live at 7:30pm, all Eastern, open to questions.

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Certainly an odd development. Theres no reason Sullivan can't respond to appeals court order himself.

"A federal judge doesn’t typically hire private counsel to respond to an appeals court"

Unsure if the appeals court will allow this.

Full story:

🤔 🤔 UPDATE: case...
Techno Fog


Flynn update via WaPo:

Judge Sullivan - ordered to explain his reasons for not granting the DOJ motion to dismiss - has hired a lawyer to apparently do his work for him.


Bush appointed Henderson
0 appointed Wilkins
Trump appointed Rao

1) I think im going to cry..I was just gifted with a silver cuff bracelet made by one INCREDIBLE American hero.Some of you may have heard of him-Chester Nez,He was the last surviving member of the original Navajo code talkers, a group of U.S. Marines who used their native language to create an impenetrable battlefield code during World War II. Nez devised a system of oral communication that frustrated all Japanese code-breaking attempts and remained classified until 1968.


Run of the mill order.

The wheels are turning.

If there is a good news here, is that the Court is taking @SidneyPowell 's motion into consideration.

Now we wait.

Flynn Appeal -

The mandamus will be heard by Judges Henderson, Wilkins, Rao.

Ordered that Judge Sullivan "file a response addressing [Flynn's] request that this court order the district judge to grant the government's motion to dismiss"

Also - "the govt is invited to respond"

Beard Blather 11

Thomas Wictor and Saul Montes-Bradley discuss Obama's "commencement address," the growing rebellion against draconian stay at home" orders, China's military prowess...or lack thereof, Taiwan, the Nixon era, Jimmy Carter's lack of intellect and Joe Biden's lack of brains, among other things.

As always, an unscripted conversation that leads to unsuspected subjects.


It takes a committed activist to risk impeachment down the road with his actions this week.

Or an imbecile.


Sidney has many options open, up to and including, as I mentioned, asking SCOTUS to intervene.

What she is going to do only she knows. If I did, I would not state it here anyway.

But she does.

This cluster f--k has an expiry notice.

Just out .......🤔 😡

New Flynn Filing -

Judge Sullivan appoints retired Judge John Gleeson as amicus "to present arguments in opposition to the govt's motion to dismiss"

Sullivan - also orders Gleeson to address whether the Court should hold Flynn in contempt for perjury.

"Grenell is asking the Justice Department to declassify a list of names of officials involved in the unmasking process, a senior intelligence official told ABC."


He will.

They'll need an olympic pool to catch Susan Rice and Samantha Powers' tears.

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