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I am in a fog tonight, not MJ, just meds for pain so this may end up convoluted. When I taught a semester on the Viet Nam war and its origins, it seems that by legalizing opium the French were able to take control of the Vietnamese. Families lost everything due to allowing easy access to that drug. I do not see a lot of difference to this. I saw where one place had legalizing mushrooms on the ballot. Control of the population.

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Everyone talked about how Prohibition made Americans more willing to break the Law & view Authorities with contempt.
What most people don't realize is Prohibition would never have been ALLOWED to happen had those in DC not been able to CASH IN on all the action.
Everyone looked at Capone & others as a LOCAL problem.
He only went down when he became too difficult to control.

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@Banzai - that's a valid concern, and I hope future generations of leaders in STEM fields won't be using it. strong families instill positive values in children - and this may be why leftists are doing everything possible to tear down traditional families.

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Heavy pot use also makes people amoral.

Not IMMORAL; amoral.

In other words, they become more accepting of destructive behavior in comparison to people who don't use pot.

I noticed it in high school and college.

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Education is the key, whatever happens.

We have educated our smartest youth to avoid severe long term alcohol abuse and for the most part they listen. I have to trust that if they are smart enough to read the evidence and make an informed decision, they are our future STEM professionals, right there.

The main risk is self-medication for things like anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD etc. So, bolstering the proven treatments for those will help a lot.

I shudder to think of what may happen if any of the crop of buffoons on the Democrat side defeat our president.

Of course for many reasons, but not least for this one.

Biden is apparently a “conservative” when compared to the rest of the Democrat field, most of whom want federalized legalization of marijuana. Biden wants to allow the state “laboratories” to address marijuana on a state by state basis.

As with most things Biden, this was a reasonable proposal 30 years ago, but fails to address the existential threat to our country’s position in the world created by easy access to very strong marijuana to America’s young.

“Vice President Biden does not believe anyone should be in jail simply for smoking or possessing marijuana. He supports decriminalizing marijuana and automatically expunging prior criminal records for marijuana possession, so those affected don't have to figure out how to petition for it or pay for a lawyer“

I wonder if the leading Democrat candidate has said anything lately on the issue of marijuana?

With the intellectual competition with China ramping up, this seems like a screamingly important issue for our politicians to understand and address: do we, as a country, really want to hobble our future generation of scientists, engineers, etc when we may need them the most?

Further the study found that “the reduction in IQ from smoking marijuana regularly was much greater for those who started smoking as teenagers than those who started in adulthood.“

The Forbes article notes the financial consequences flowing from marijuana use as a teen:
“To put it into context, consider that individuals with an IQ of 110 have an average net worth of $71,000 and individuals with an IQ of 120 have an average net worth of $128,000. It looks like smoking pot can lower your tax bracket.”

Reduction in IQ isn’t surprising to anyone who has ever been around or has participated in marijuana use, but the surprise for me is the PERMANENT reduction for adolescents using MJ.

Well, now we are starting to get some robust scientific results. A thirty year study recently found that heavy adolescent pot use permanently reduces IQ:

“The reduction in IQ for those who smoked pot heavily prior to age 18 was most pronounced: an average of eight points. “

I know this topic might be controversial for some, but I am actually glad that marijuana has been essentially been decriminalized in some jurisdictions.

Not because I want It universally legalized, but because as a result of its long criminalization we are way behind in understanding its effects on human physiology.

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For @stephanieanne

You wrote, "Are [the Democrats] baiting Trump to start something?"

Yes. Absolutely.

They did the same thing in 2007, during the Troop Surge in Iraq.

Pelosi and Tom Lantos tried to derail the surge by assuring Assad that he would not pay a price for his al-Qaeda camps in Syria.

And Lantos asked the Iraqi Kurds to try and force a Turkish invasion of Iraq.

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@HeshmatAlavi @ThomasWic @REX @drawandstrike @THR

Isn't it interesting that the FICTIONAL character that shitposts about anime in twitter using his "university VPN" is the "concerned citizen" trying to undermine Heshmat?

One can't make this shit up.

It tells me more information than I want to discuss here, and points to a Socialist Democrat group.

I do not believe in coincidences, of course.

The support that @drawandstrike received was well deserved, but Brian’s reaction was even more impressive.

I am so proud or “our” Brian Cates. As most of you already know, Brian a couple days ago started a go fund me page to support his citizen journalism.
From his brother:
“Today it sits at $12,000 more than he'd asked for.
From 7-10 pm he sat there in utter shock as the # of donations climbed to 5k, 6k, 10k! By the time he went to bed(to get up at 1am) it was at 16k.
He was humbled & amazed.”

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