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Rep. Matt Gaetz
I think regular Americans watch these impeachment hearings and think, "why are all my elected members of Congress fighting over how to secure the Ukraine/Russia border when drugs are still pouring over the US/Mexico border?”

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Khamenei's representative in Shiraz, south-central :
"Who do these protesters think they are to say the mullahs must go?!"

Protesters in Iran:
Hold my beer...

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None of these addicts are working so the only way to get money to support their habit is from stealing, begging, or selling drugs to our kids at schools.

"According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the average heavy-opioid user consumes $1,834 in drugs per month"

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Hi, can someone help me find a tweet that was deleted? It mentioned my WWII veteran relative needing financial help and the person who tweeted it has deleted the original post. Thank you in advance!

... The thought that a scammer drove up my driveway and approached my house close enough to put this on the door knob doesn’t sit well.

This is bothersome. Yesterday, my kids said a white car was pulling into our driveway. I was busy doing something and we assumed it was a delivery. Today my kids found this envelope hanging from the door knob that leads to our garage. This is what happens when you no longer have uniformed people (US postal, Uber drivers, Amazon drivers) coming to your house. I assumed it was one of those people....

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@realDonaldTrump: "Thank you Pete. Our great warfighters must be allowed to fight. I would not have done this for Sgt. Bergdahl or Chelsea Manning!

>@PeteHegseth: 'God bless our President and Commander-in-Chief @realDonaldTrump.

A HERO for our warfighters.'"

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When will we learn that teachers only have as much power over our children as we give them or turn over to them...? This starts at the voting polls...send the message YOU WANT THEM TO HEAR...don't stand in your own way 🙄

Wow. I knew public schools were bad having left them 3 years ago but this teachers testimony is a tragedy as to what is going on in them.

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Brief thread on the state of US manufacturing:

The BEA releases manufacturing data as gross output. These are in constant 2012 dollars.

2007 was the all time record year with $6.278 trillion in output.

2018 was 2nd highest year, with $6.219 trillion.

2019 Q1 was $6.307 trillion.
2019 Q2 was $6.284 trillion.

2019 is on a pace to break a new all-time record for total US manufacturing output.

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TRUMP CAT™️ Tweeted

MUST SEE VIDEO!: Bill Bar takes the gloves off! Calls “an occupying military power!” 💥🥊

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'Testy' Nancy Pelosi calls journalist James Rosen 'Mr. Republican Talking Points' after his whistleblower question — and she gets taken to task

"And so I wonder if you could explain to the American people why the legal rights of the whistleblower should prevail in this political setting over those of President Trump, who should ordinarily enjoy a right to confront his accuser," Rosen asked Pelosi.

And Madame Speaker didn't like that very much.

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😁 McConnell: Y'all just keep doing your impeachment thing over there and I'm going to keep doing my thing over here and we'll see who is the winner.

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