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@watspn1013 @E_Turbo @Dawnz @RonOgletree Glad to heat there are still some good schools left however if things do not come to a screeching halt, those too will fall to the liberal establishment. I do however believe Trump will begin to fix public education. Long hard battle but I do believe things have already been set in motion. These things take time. Where I live I witnessed what begins in the colleges trickles down to preschool. Most parents are unaware of how quickly things spiral.

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Well folks...

Rumors of my untimely demise are greatly exagerated! I'm not dead, not yet anyway.

I feel horrible that so many believed this to be true, i would have put an end to it long ago, but I just found out minutes ago and felt compelled to right this wrong. Simply can't let this stand.

It's gratifying that homies from FA (which I never joined) went to my memorial and all.

I hope it was nice because, well shit-fire... I missed it myself.

You know all those bikers are voting for Trump 🇺🇸

Caught it a second time headed back in a different village. I will proudly wait for them to pass. I only wish I had a front row seat again. 🇺🇸

How did I miss that Todd Beamer was a graduate from my hometown??? “Let’s Roll!” Tribute Ride – the first known 9/11 Ride in the country. First held on September 30, 2001 – just 19 days after the attacks, “Let’s Roll!” was named after the rallying cry famously uttered by University of Rochester alum Todd M. Beamer aboard United Flight 93 as he and other passengers attempted to take back the airliner from the hijackers. RIP Patriot. 🇺🇸

Headed out this morning to a friends and witnessed a 9/11 Patriot Memorial Ride through the village. Wow. What a beautiful moment to witness. This went on for 15 minutes. It was a beautiful sight. All those roaring bikes driving by with American Flags waving off the back of most cycles. I rolled down my window as I was stopped on the side of the road fist bumping as they roared by. Had tears in my eyes knowing many were veterans and the patriotism… full of pride. God Bless America 🇺🇸

Divorce Update: The house SOLD. HALLELUJAH! One step CLOSER to ending this nightmare. Do you see me doing my happy dance?? 💃

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Those bastards caught me for being a Trump supporter. But I bit 3 cops so I feel better! President Trump, I am with you in this and it's time to fight back! If you need my teeth, let me know! I am a stealth cat!

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Imagine if the United States treated China in the same way it does us?

What if American companies simply ignored Chinese copyrights and patents, and stole Chinese ideas, inventions, and intellectual property, as they pleased and with impunity?

What if the American government targeted Chinese industries by dumping competing American export products at below the cost of production—to bankrupt Chinese competitors and corner their markets?

Oh my goodness I think she’s going to have to actually practice penmanship using a pencil and paper…

Homeschool Classical Conversations Challenge 1 Memory Work for the Debate strand this school year:
- 2nd p Declaration of Independence
- Preamble to the Constitution
- US Presidents
- Outline of the Constitution (articles & bill of rights)

This years theme: Freedom.

It’s going to be a great year.

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Found this baby this morning. Took it to the vet to get checked out. It’s a boy, 5-8 weeks old, has fleas and an upper respiratory infection. I am paying to have it treated and nursed back to health.

Given that I am deathly allergic to cats, we cannot keep him. He will be boarded until we can place him.

If you or someone you know is looking for a new kitty, I am willing to drive up to 6-8 hours (from central NC) to deliver him to a good home or rescue. Please boost.


… Let’s hope the Motion of Contempt compels the ex to get the much needed counseling. I remain steady on the course of this journey as I know God is in control. I remain patient as I know events occur on HIS timeline and not mine. Our God is a merciful and graceful God - he will never forsake me, or my children. Praise God!! 🙏❤️

… to school, you’re too sick to go to work.” Do you know how many times was son was absent this past school year but went to work? Too many to mention. The ex is their friend, not their parent. Both my boys are left alone much of the time as the ex is too caught up in the (second) girlfriend. My other son who lives with him needs counseling desperately. It has been suggested by the previous judge on two separate occasions. The new judge has ORDERED it. My son is still not receiving it. Let’s…

… I thought was best for him, it was his decision to make. I did however tell him he could come back if it didn’t work out. However I know better as I cannot compete with the material things my ex showers them with and the unsupervised parenting that takes place or the rules and boundaries I have finally been able to establish since the ex left. For instance, my son tried to get away with not going to school one day but expected to go to work. “Oh no!” I said. “If you’re too sick to go to…

… with the abusive parent. And the one whose inner being knows which parent is safe, and which is not. Instead, this lawyer covertly orchestrated convincing my son, in tandem with his father, to go live with him. It was going to be sprung on me the next court date however my son, informed me around 11pm the night before that he was going to go live with his father. We had conversations prior about it. I told him if he wanted to do that, he would have my blessing although that’s not what I…

… mother who is desperately trying to save her children from an emotionally abusive, controlling, intimidating, father, I remember sending this lawyer an article that explained why a child would choose to side with the abusive parent over the safe parent. It was quite long but very informative and I was able to pinpoint each one of my children in the article. The child who sided because they didn’t want the abuse for not siding with them. The child who was rewarded and became best friends with..

The inappropriateness was over the top. Not to mention she was in contact with the ex while she specifically told me that she represented my daughter and any “concerns” I had (regarding the emotional abuse of my daughter from her father) should be directed at my lawyer, not her. Ex always used to say, “that’s ok! I’ll just tell (insert lawyers FIRST name here”. So there was an inappropriate access to our daughters lawyer with him while I was basically told, “do not contact me”. As a mother…

Another example and the last time my daughter spoke to her: “What do you and your counselor talk about?” “Isn’t that confidential?” “Wellll yes, yes it is, like when you and I talk, it’s confidential. You don’t go back and tell your mother what we talk about, right? (Notice how “father” is not included).” “I’m not comfortable with this.” “But I have a right to know what you and your counselor talk about. So what do you talk about?” “I don’t know. Life?” “Do you talk about the divorce?” “Sure.”

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