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@watspn1013 @E_Turbo @Dawnz @RonOgletree Glad to heat there are still some good schools left however if things do not come to a screeching halt, those too will fall to the liberal establishment. I do however believe Trump will begin to fix public education. Long hard battle but I do believe things have already been set in motion. These things take time. Where I live I witnessed what begins in the colleges trickles down to preschool. Most parents are unaware of how quickly things spiral.

Hey! *tap* *tap* *tap*… just a reminder incase you missed it - say a prayer for trial this Friday for me. Pray the new (“ornery” according to my lawyer) judge has discernment and sees the dire situation me and my children are in. I would also like to ask you to pray for my children’s father/soon-to-be-ex because I just can’t do it right now. Pray he finds strength to get rid of his demons, addictions and hatred in his heart so that he may be a better father to his children. That’s all. Thanks 🙏

Good morning fans, future fans, enemies and all those inbetween 😉. Please keep me and my children in your thoughts and prayers this week, but especially on Friday the 10th as there will be a hearing for a Motion of Contempt against me and the judge will make a decision whether or not the Order of Protection stands or gets dropped. I am walking in that courtroom wearing the protective armor of God and praying that His will be done 🙏

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@ScottAdamsSays: "Damn, he’s good. This is how you focus on the future and not the past. He came to play.

>@loganclarkhall: 'trump proposes a bold national vision for america:

1. use federal land to build new cities
2. develop flying cars
3. revitalize rural industries
4. launch a baby boom with bonuses for young parents
5. beautification campaign, get rid of ugly buildings [video]'"

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Divorce Antics #81: Two sheriffs came knocking on my door Friday around 3pm to do a “welfare check” on my daughter. Soon-to-be-ex told them he hadn’t heard from her since the night before. My daughter actually texted him in the morning. ’tLetFriendsTakeOpioids

Rarely watch tv but I turned on the news last night and there was some sort of news conference with the lawyer and mother of Tyre Nichols awaiting the video release. First knowledge of this. I remember thinking, “I want to see the officers”. Surprised to see this morning all officers were black. Last night they had me believing this was racially motivated and this country has an issue with race. Sounds to me more like George Floyd Grifting Syndrome.

This is what parental alienation looks like. Just received a package from UPS. It was the Christmas presents I bought for my son returned. The crushed clothing box present made to fit in the box shows the passive/aggressive anger of my soon-to-be ex. Deplorable how this emotional and psychological abuse of my son is allowed by the court. The system is BROKEN.

Divorce News Update: New judge. I wonder why? Previous judge was re-elected. Perhaps IDV court judge has term limits and his time was up? Or - NOTHING has been established in 2 years. No custody. No support. No maintenance. No settlement. No financials given. No SHIT.

Through tears, today I began to pray and ask God what I most want. To be reunited with my two sons. For them to be free of the manipulation and gaslighting at the hands of their own father. For them to come home. Then I began to think purposefully and deeper. And now I pray that my two sons turn to Him. 🙏

I receive. And accept. This Judas kiss. Because I know, it is to push me into my destiny 🙏

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@darulharb @Debradelai @SpiceOfOurLife @DeWalt Oh, lest I forget, I don’t want to leave @YoungBlood and @EarlThePearls of my Rouge’s gallery….I just let them roll, but I read every word they post. While due to circumstances, I can’t always respond, I appreciate the insights.

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@darulharb @Debradelai Oh, there is more. Learn about bats from @SpiceOfOurLife, decide never to take a white-water rafting trip with Ned Beaty near @DeWalt the list goes on. Only wish TW would update us on the latest Flame Thrower historical discoveries. Oh, and of course, my off-colored memes.

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A typical day on SQV: 1. Read about FTX and bitcoin; still don’t know what the fuck it is. 2. Hear the latest on “Bitch McConnell” and the $1.7 T spending bill from @Dawnz01 3. Read a long legal pleading from @darulharb end up calling your pals “councilor” 4. @Debradelai flames some asshole and then recommends restaurants in Brussels 5. Quote Calvin Coolidge and tell Vermont jokes. 6. Share Italian recipes 7. Talk about restored meat slicers. 8. Hear 30 year old blues tunes. Fabulous!

… the Loss Mitigation application, the lawyer said he never knew anything about that and asked the ex if he did. Of course he denied it too and said, “I’m not getting my mail. I don’t live at the address”. When it was my chance, I told the referee that the ex put in a Change of Address back in March 2021 and that he does not receive mail at that address. What would be the point in stalling the process of you really want to save your home?Their MO is to stall. Next conference is not until 3/2/23.

… lawyer stated that he would be in an “extended” vacation from 12/9 to 1/9. As the referee was trying to pick a further out date, I piped in, “we have trial the 21st”… the lawyer said, “riiiiiight…” As the referee was looking over his notes, the lawyer stammered, “oh well I will be here for 3 days but I’m really gone”. The referee thanked me for indicating that. When the banks lawyer told the referee that he had been in contact with both ex and his lawyer regarding the need to fill out the…

Update on Foreclosure Settlement Conference: Nothing but stall tactics by ex and his lawyer. Lawyer tells referee, “this property is subject of a marital action. We are due in court on the 21st. There have been many adjournments and until there is a settlement or trial, unfortunately this will be in limbo.” No. You don’t get to stall a foreclosure. The bank is being patient. For now. When the referee placed a Schedule Order having the application for a Loss Mitigation due the 20th, the lawyer…

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This morning my Dad was wrapped in white linen and the United States flag was draped over him on the gurney.
He left the house feet first per protocol
Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, Dad is finally home 🥲

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