Ian Miles Cheong is tweeting about the ignorance and hypocrisy of the protesters. @katyjrector comment is golden.

I backed up the video to see when the police told the crowd to disperse. at about -5:10:50 I noticed the PD snipers climbing up to a roof top.

Oh Marge, you almost got it. So close, yet so far off. 😁
The journalism you write about is committing a slow and very public suicide.

This reply to Mayor Durkan's 180 from her bruised bubble gave me massive giggles. All I could think about was the endless paperwork and number of palms that the Chazistanians would have to grease to get the permits for the 'addition'. 😁

Good Grief, I can't stomach the stupid pandering at this point and it's only Monday. πŸ™„

"The L'OrΓ©al Group has decided to remove the words white/ whitening, fair/fairness, light/ lightening from all its skin evening products," the cosmetics company said in a statement on Saturday.

πŸ™ tsk-tsk. It would be such a terrible, horrible, shame if this got shared over and over on every form of social media.

C'mon quodfam, let's make it happen.πŸ˜„


I found some pictures my dad took when United Airlines was flying troops back home after Desert Storm. The crew put up Thank you and Welcome Home decorations. My dad is the pilot in the last photo.

@Debradelai Huh, people who understand why voting is so important tend to be the people who have no issue with waiting in line on election day. I've read from many that they would crawl on broken glass to vote.

Now we have this twat claiming that everyone getting their chance to vote is suppression, because how dare anything require a smidge of effort or *gasp!* not give instant gratification.

Then again, this pusher of fraud feelz is Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, aka, Hildabeast's lap-rat.

Started a new lion for my sister. Sharing now as I don't know when I will be able to complete it. Would like to give him a name before he goes into the closet. Any suggestions?

Not sure if this has been shared, I just got online.

@hnijohnmiller retweeted this, and it is perfection. 🀣 πŸ˜‚


I am with Dilley on this...for now. The video clips in this thread are hilarious! These fools are in-fighting hard....and this is only day 3! πŸ˜† 🀣


🚨 🚨 Reminder. Tomorrow morning at 9:30 ET. We get a chance to see @SidneyPowell in action, in real time!

from @Techno_Fog at 5:08 PM

Flynn update - filings by Flynn, the DOJ, and Judge Sullivan to the DC Circuit (appeal case).

This thread will provide links to the briefs.

Flynn brief:

Flynn: "The game is over and this Court should order the umpire [Sullivan] to leave the field."


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