Symone D. Sanders, senior advisor to Joe Biden gets checked and wrecked. The comments on her tl are a riot!

@Lemonhead Sorry I missed your birthday. Wishing you a great year with great health!🤗

I do not know when this photo/still shot was taken of Hunter Biden. What I do know is his pupils are pinpoints in average/low light, not normal. Hunter may have moved on to opioids. *after the day he has had, wouldn't be surprised if the next time we hear his name, it is followed by 'was revived with Narcan'.

South Dakota Debuts New Anti-Drug Campaign: ‘Meth. We’re On It.’ 🤦
Bless their hearts for trying but this is a huge swing and a miss.

Read a comment somewhere today that had me rollin'. The commentator noted that Vindm'san looks like the blow up auto-pilot from Airplane! 🤣

Rising Serpent tweet;
And here we have it:
A Vindman and Williams GoFundMe set up an hour after their testimony.

😆 It's been three hours and not one penny yet😁

Oh my, Catturd must have gotten a copy of Schiff's playbook 😁

Uh-oh. There's a new task force in town. Will be quite interesting to see who/what gets brought to light. Hoping they look at people like Diane Feinstein and her hubby Richard Blum for example.

lol, I found more interesting things in the box of photos. This is the cover of an original U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds brochure. Along with this pamphlet, I have 6 8x10 glossies of the Thunderbirds in action from the late 1950s. Man, I wish my dad was here to answer all the questions I have.

Saw this on CarpeDonktum's twitter tl. Question; if Facebook is removing "any and all mention of the potential whistleblower's name" from its platform, doesn't that mean they know who he is? And the more they delete tweets noting Eric Ciaramella as the "whistle blower" - doesn't that just confirm he is - in huge LED lights??

While looking through and for family photos for a project, I came across these postcards of Leopard tanks, an M110 howitser and a lance ground rocket. Thought I would share as they are really great pictures.

Brian @drawandstrike sums this up perfectly. *a great, quick way to 'red pill' anyone who may be confused as to the hullabaloo.

@drawandstrike retweeted this thread from The Reckoning.
It gives a clear breakdown of what transpired with the 'whistleblower' and shows how Trump ensnared another fool to leak essentially nothing.

Kamala and the rest of CA dems can cram their climate change sanctimony sideways. They don't give a whit about the fires or the people affected.

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