Those pushing Corona virus fear porn are assholes.

Those buying it are plain stupid.

There is no way around that.


@Debradelai Thank you, prof. Saul! I am sick from the Corona virus. Sick of hearing all the fear mongering, panic/pandemic pushers, etc. It's a new strain of flu, but ultimately, it's the flu. And the U.S. will be okay.

@JM @Debradelai If we are taking 'supposed' stats into account...Then I, and many others, could die tonight from listening to the dem goat rodeo on CBS. Just saying


😂🤣 You are so brave, risking your life like that...🤗


@Baline @JM

7,452 died in the US on the day of the Dimm debates.

Deadlier than Corona Virus, SAR and 9/11.

Obviously, Democrats are bad for the national health.

We need to quarantine Democrats and prevent them from Debating in public to reduce the mortality rate.

And this is how you manipulate statistics to serve your narrative.

@JM @Debradelai @Baline I know this was supposed to be a joke but this doesn't sound like a bad idea at all

@Debradelai @Baline @JM

“Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”

― Aaron Levenstein

@JM @Baline @Debradelai

But you also have to give credit to the commies for making it worse than it should be.

@redwhitebluedude @JM @Baline @Debradelai Chinese bureaucracy - when I was there it was shortly after the panic about AIDS had begun and it was decreed that foreigners had to be tested. If you didn’t supply your own needles you were liable to be tested by a guy who used the same needle for multiple patients!

I’d bet the head of the lab from which Corona purportedly escaped is a total incompetent who got the job because his dad went to school with the mayor, or some such.

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