My baby girl Maggy turned 15 yesterday and today she slipped and dislocated her hip. The vet said her hip joint is flattened from age/ arthritis so there is very little chance they could push it back into place-if she survived the anesthesia. So my sister said no to that and took her home. Any prayers to help Maggy manage on 3 legs would be so welcome right now. She's been my baby since she was 8 weeks old.


Sorry to hear the news about Maggy. I will keep her in my prayers.

@Sarah_Roberts @Baline

I am sorry too and will keep her in my prayers. She looks like a love bug.

@Lisa22 @Sarah_Roberts @Baline

She's a little bit older, but dogs seem to do perfectly fine on 3 legs, as a rule. Lots of love and prayers for Maggy, the little lovey girl (and mom, too!) ❤️ ❤️ 🙏 🙏

@2020_DJT @Sarah_Roberts @Baline

When my cat had cancer, I bought Poly MVA - it's a liquid remedy for animals and it really helped her immune system. Expensive though (if it's still around).

@Lisa22 Maggy had an oral sarcoma similar to what my Teddy had. Hers was in the front, lower jaw so they were able to remove it all. I know I'm asking God for alot, old english sheepdogs don't usually reach 15
@2020_DJT @Sarah_Roberts

@Baline @2020_DJT @Sarah_Roberts

My cat lived for two more years with the Poly MVA liquid - they had given her six months.

@Baline @2020_DJT @Sarah_Roberts

It gave my kitty her appetite as well as helped her pain. She still got radiation and pain meds though, but I'm convinced the Poly MVA helped her to live longer.

@Baline @2020_DJT @Sarah_Roberts

No worries! It worked immediately. My other cat that had cancer lived for six more months too. He had stopped eating and had a pain patch, and as soon as I gave him some Poly MVA liquid he started eating again and didn't need the pain patch.

@Lisa22 Teddy's appetite increased from the cancer. He was always hungry. Unfortunately the growth was on his palate. The chemo slowed it down at first and then...
@2020_DJT @Sarah_Roberts

@Baline @2020_DJT @Sarah_Roberts

I know it slowed the cancer down on both cats. The vet was amazed. He said he thought my kitty would've been gone two years before.

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