@DonnaLea In my opinion, with that quick pat to Putin's back, President Trump affirmed to the world that Trump is the Alpha. *and he didn't have to say a word.

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@Baline @DonnaLea

Did you see when they first shook hands?

Trump YANKED Putin toward him so hard that Putin had to almost run to keep from falling on his face.

@ThomasWic @Baline @DonnaLea

I just laughed out loud at that Thomas. Thanks, I needed that!!

@cshores8 @ThomasWic @Baline @DonnaLea

May was not comfortable.

Her eyes flickered in uneasy contempt as she stood behind Trump.

Her discomfort with MBS was on full display. She hawked him.

Her attempts to hide her sneer were unsuccessful. Finishing school failed her.

@capnjoe I've heard that evil does not do well in a face to face with good. *full disclosure; I'm crushin' on MbS 😊 @cshores8 @ThomasWic @DonnaLea

@ThomasWic @DonnaLea I just saw it. Trump literally strong-armed Putin! Hahaha

@ThomasWic @Baline Loved it! Trump is an Alpha alpha man if there is such a thing.

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