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Personally, I think it's both ideology and a measure of how productive or lazy someone is. That's breaking it down to petty basics.

Socialists want you to produce for them because generally, they are lazy, stupid, greedy, narcissistic and elitist.

Conservatives are generally too nice to just shoot them in the face, so we argue about the politics of it all.

I'm not going to argue with them. I stay away from them so I don't have to kill anyone.

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Wow, all of this is going to be interesting! First actual link on GoFundMe is being used to launder money. How much do you want to bet, an investigation into them has already begun. 😁

I hope you are correct. I just herniated my eye roll muscle reading that. What a steaming pile of propaganda.

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@Baline @umad80 @oystergirl @Argentum47 @ThomasWic

Oh yeah, it’s nuts.

Personally I think any gender identity beyond your basic “man” and “woman” is not really a gender, it’s a fashion accessory. There’s an infinite number of them just as there are infinite types of purses.

I guess the MSM realized it's time to put the blackout story to bed. They've got Cuomo on now to bore people to sleep.

Hand on bible, those were my exact words way back when.

Good grief, they are still 'covering' the blown transformer/ blackout. This is about as interesting as when we watched AJ Cowling & O.J. drove the Bronco at a safe, moderate, speed down the California freeway. *Even then I said I don't know if he did it or not, but he should be found guilty for pre-empting everyone's t.v. shows.

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@Baline @baldilocks @Kathleen @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

For me it was my American History teacher in junior year of high school. That was 1968. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed in April, Bobby Kennedy in June.
It was a hell of a year in our history, and she was a good teacher to have for it. She let us talk about how we felt about current events, not just dry dates and names.
Takeaway point that year? "The power to tax is the power to destroy."
And that was before I ever paid any.

Can someone tell me why a blown transformer on the west side of NYC is pre-empting Greg Gutfeld?

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@Kathleen @baldilocks @Baline @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

Sometimes the words flow, sometimes they just sort of hit with a dull thud.
I never know which it will be.
So we're all surprised!

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@umad80 @baldilocks @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic Personally, I
have pondered, in idle moments, staking out the person who comes up with those long, convoluted word problems on a hot anthill in mid-July.
(Much the same way a math whiz probably feels about that fat run-on sentence I just wrote.)

@Kathleen I enjoyed algebra as well, *a long time ago. Geometry infuriated me. I recall the teacher saying that I had gotten credit for a problem on a test even though I had the wrong answer. I told her that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Teacher replied, you used the correct formula. I said if I used the 'correct' formula/ equation then I should have the correct answer, this is bullshit. Then I walked out of the classroom. @baldilocks @janis @inverness01 @bbhack @ThomasWic

The left run into every trap Trump sets and they dig their own pitfalls.
Giggles 😁

Rep Mark Gaetz owned the dems that had said there was no crisis at the southern border. 😀

😆 🤣 ....<take shallow breath>🤣 😆 🤣 Jeb! 😂

But it's 'just a fetus', not a baby. Now they have feelz for an illegal's fetus? Now a fetus is worth keeping? I am so confused.

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