@Babylon_cat Jack Klugman had the same issue when they did an “Odd Couple” re-make, but no AI then, Jack just drove on and did it.

@RangerJohn Depending on the surgeries Klugman may have had a bit more to work with. Miguel Ferrer battled it for so long his low gravelly voice was easily recognizable. Ran across an early Magnum PI episode where in flashbacks Miguel played a young Jose Ferrer and Anne Lockhart played the young June Lockhart's character. Was a Pearl Harbor remembrance episode, cleverly written and well done. But Miguel's clear tenor voice, not to mention full head of hair, was a surprise.

As it should. Always liked Kilmer. Tombstone is my favorite.


Tombstone is a great movie and Kilmer is superb as Doc Holliday.

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