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I'm my lifetime, in my small area of association, I have never heard so many wishing for a better outcome from the next year.

Wishing all Quods a safe and prosperous 2023. May Providence shine upon you.

Did I miss something? The price of gas has now gone down a dollar per since the day before Thanksgiving. It started going down from $3.59 and hasn't stopped since.

So, the How Ridiculous guys turned their giant 3 ton hammer into an axe. They take a shot at a Tesla, among other things.


At one point I felt the need to communicate my displeasure to one of my fellow motorists and slapped the middle of the steering wheel. To say I felt that my true feelings were misrepresented by the limitations of the equipment supplied by my current ride would be an understatement. This is the first thing that came to mind.


Earlier, I had the misfortune to have to rent a car while mine was in the shop. Got a 2016 Wolksvagon for $25 bucks a day. I drive a Chevy Traverse because I need the size and height without the cost of a truck. First it was like sitting on the ground, And WV's are worse than most cars in this aspect. I had to have the seat all the way back and the steering wheel all the way in and up to get in. We deal with some stuff in such instances.

My trip home from work. You'd a thought it was a full moon. Nope, just a free smorgasbord behind the combine.


You won't scare the way they want you too. You won't fret over illness so I guess nukes are all that's left.

But of course there are issues when upwards of 30,000 people on bikes and in assorted chase vehicles go through a town with a pop of 700 in the matter of an afternoon. Lots of money to be made, though. Beer gardens galore. And the churches mobilize and make a killing.

Had a dickens of a time getting to the north side of town to get out and home. Highway patrol and Sheriff's deputies had the route through town on every street, all seven of them, blocked off. Had to detour, though nobody was telling anyone that. Four Troopers on the west side to make sure the bikes went through town but to heck with everything else. Except trucks. Only one way through for them. Everything else is weight restricted.

This is first day. Easy. They are staying overnight in the town 7 mi east of here. Well not so easy. Probably one of the hilliest (new word) days of their trip (Search Loess Hills).

We're on the RAGBRAI route this year. Yay. Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. About 300 miles river to river. Dip the front tires in on both ends.

And just because. A reminder that the crap has been around for a long time. And a reminder where it came from. And a reminder why CA is how it is.


For all the New/Old nihilists. The 80's called, they want all their irrational fears back.


Sometimes Joe reminds me of a fast-talking entertainment agent stereotype from the 80's so this is dedicated to Joe.


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What?? Did the wind blow up his kilt the wrong way??
Sad stuff...

People suck.

Half a dozen key people didn't show up for work today. Too busy being scared.

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