Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania gives a statement on the SCOTUS decision in Kelly v. Commonwealth of PA.

He doesn't seem very happy about the whole thing.

(That would be an understatement.)

Don't forget to wish President Trump a Happy President's Day tomorrow on Biden's Twitter account.

That's the plan...if you have an account

pass it on.

Hunter Buden’s Investment - China’s state-owned nuclear firm CGN that stole US nuclear secret has been helping Iran build its nuclear reactor :
UN nuclear inspectors have found traces of undeclared radioactive material at Iranian nuclear sites that could indicate work on nuclear weapons -

Biden Begins Unraveling Middle East Peace
He continues to undo the Trump administration’s historic achievements.


Jul 2020
Myanmar Gen. Min Aung Hlain, now thé State Leader after the ‘coup’, accused China of arming insurgent groups with sophisticated weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, as a bargaining chip for smooth implementation of China’s ‘One Bribe One Loan’ projects.


Because he had a clear objective, and a will to succeed. When presented with a challenge, he immediately adapted in the moment and allowed NOTHING to get in his way.

With such swift and decisive action, he gave immediate lie to the failure theater we’ve all become so accustomed to.

It made me believe that finally, there was someone I could count on to not simply accept the premise of the left’s tactics and arguments.

The Biden administration is going for it, gun control. They are all in.


I think they're being driven beyond insane because they know DJT's hammer is about to drop. In fact, the hammer may have already dropped on some. They just disappeared; there one day, gone the next.

2 of 2 Addendum

I hope everyone takes the time to read or listen to this phone call.
You cannot twist the words for people if they read and hear it themselves.

NYT article to transcript and 65 minute phone call with GA Sec of State:

One article of impeachment - Incitement of Insurrection 

H.R Res 24 Dated 1/11/21 (5) pgs:

The call audio clearly proves what the medial & leftists say is lies.

Impeachment 2.0 is a DOA circus!

Random guy-"Mr.President thank you for your service..DJT-"We haven't finished yet! Random guy-"Exactly!"

Dow Jones is the lowest since before Jan 6. (You remember that day, right? 🔫 )

IRA holders: you can thank the one guy who doesn't need to worry about his retirement account, because it's managed by the Bank of China 🇨🇳

FINALLY Dems get called out for being the ones who ACTUALLY incite violence. Excellent work by Rand Paul.

OANN News:
Democrat Sen PatrickLeahy expected to preside over upcoming impeachment trial instead of Chief Justice John Roberts


Democrat approval plummeting - at > 2/3rds, now catching up with Republicans.

"Since election week 2020 our weekly index has gone almost straight down. 67% of Democrats now agree, America in on the Wrong Track." - Rassmussen

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.