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Are they going to blame Trump? Knife control legislation? Are the Dem candidates going to be asked about this?

"4 People Dead After Brutal Stabbing Spree In Southern California - The stabbings come on the heels of a shocking week of violence nationwide."

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EXCELLENT read on psuedo-events and how they shape the media.

"The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America" by Daniel J. Boorstin.

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"He who wore a crown of thorns, wears a crown of glory now." 🙏

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Viz. Cloward–Piven strategy, Democrats overwhelm the 'system' then blame the 'system' to try and create a large enough of an opening to further their agenda.

Holy cannoli!

More precisely than the headline: "Marines (Reserves) Ordered To Active Duty ISO Defense Support Of Civil Authorities"

EXCLUSIVE! Trump Activates U.S. Marine Reserves For ‘Emergency Within The United States’.


A national defense analyst says Beijing's recent military parade gave a sobering inside look at what the Chinese communists are doing with their military.

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You'd think that Schiff & Co might have worked out by now, that the Ukraine smear isn't going to work.

But no. Oh well.

Bring it on, fools.

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Rodney Hood, Chairman of @TheNCUA Board:

"This President has done more for African Americans than any other President in my lifetime."

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Ryan Fournier

Rep. Debbie Dingel, a Democrat, claims she was under “enormous” pressure to support impeachment.

She was targeted by Tom Steyer and MoveOn.

The Democrats are threatening House members for votes. Absolutely disgusting and dispicable.

This is a witchunt!
11:19 PM · Oct 4, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

INB4 Sputnik - yes, I know. I hope Trump gives them the double-barrelled middle finger! These bastards haven't held a formal House vote and they they think they can compel this information and hold the WH in 'contempt' if they 'fail to comply'. There is a special place in hell for these creatures.

Whitehouse Subpoenaed by House Dems for Impeachment Inquiry Documents

Folks, it's getting insane! I don't support Hollywood anymore, if I can help it.

Watch Out, Trump! Hollywood Celebrities Form ‘Impeachment Task Force’


Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) said that Democratic congresspeople have been wondering about the procedural technicalities on how to arrest Trump officials.

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Devin Nunes looks exhausted at this point.

What a fighter and patriot. Nunes just keeps on going.

A humble man, I don't think he understands what an amazing figure he has become.
Nunes reputation and legacy will echo over decades. You can be certain that Trump has him marked for great things in 2020-2024 - and beyond.

Starting with the Presidential Medal, we can only hope. Once Biden is stripped of it, of course.

OMG this piss-ant makes my blood boil!

Napolitano: Trump's Behavior is 'Criminal and Impeachable' — And His 'Allusions to Violence are Palpably Dangerous'.

Trump releases the transcript and big surprise, now there is 'controversy' about whether or not it was verbatim. 🙄

Odd markings, ellipses fuel doubts about the ‘rough transcript’ of Trump’s Ukraine call.

😆 Israeli leftists trying to take down BiBi. They will fail. These charges are ludicrous!

Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu corruption hearings begin | DW | 02.10.2019

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Boris Johnson is about to prorogue Parliament again...Leftist meltdown about to go stella

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@Aristophanes This is how they are allowing him to “bow” out as to make it not look like what he did to his followers what he did the last time - pulled the wool over them a second time. I wonder where his donations will go/have gone this time? Whose the real nominee pick?

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