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On the media narrative about "classified" documents at Mar a Lago...

I told you these fuckers were Fascists
I told you these fuckers were bad news.

Slowly, the masks have been dropping.

Now we know. They have no attachment to our Constitution.

They don't give a fig about Freedom of Speech.

No. They want to impose a theocracy on us, modeled after South America's Catholic Nationalism and Bin Laden's Islamic Nationalism.

Gab is shit. Torba and Isker, Fascist turds with mystical delutions.

May they choke on their "Islamic Republic" pseudo Christian dystopia.

@antonionpellegrini @watch4thedrop

If they're raiding to get rid of the ketchup so he stops putting it on steaks, I'm all for it!

Clueless misdirection..

Swiss security forces are getting nervous

While the Swiss are correct to be concerned about energy shortfalls this winter, the moron politicians there are failing to point the finger in the right direction.

“I don’t want to sound extreme, but environmental disasters have also shown that certain people have abused the situation to plunder unprotected objects."

Instead of blaming the weather, build real power plants...Nat Gas, Coal, etc.

But wouldn't somebody come along and try to make this less toxic as in look into less toxic materials to make car batteries? Short term it is less environmentally friendly.

This goes to prove that the Palestinians believe in equality, and that Palestinian woman can do anything Palestinian men can do.


Why is it so hard to understand that anything out of China will be connected to the Chinese Communist Party.


I have to rely on YWS the news infuriates me and the images are disturbing. I hate to look at TS, Rumble and you name it. Thank you for your consistency and perseverance.

Questioning election results is Russian disinfo! Unless it's a Democrat or a Democrat pretending to be Republican. Then anything happening is going against our democracy.

TIME Mag correspondent’s spin on Liz Cheney’s blowout primary loss is a Louvre-worthy work of ‘journalism’ art

To my SQV pals. Pardon my sparse toot appearances…I am on day 4 of no cigarettes, cigars, pipes, gum, patches, or vapes. Cold turkey after 45 years statistically is the only method that works, but I must say it is no fun.

Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

I’m gonna miss this when Trump is gone, whether it’s because he doesn’t win the next election or because he does and ages out of the troll game a decade from now. Anyone that still claims to not understand why the former president is so well-liked among his ardent supporters is just being obtuse. The humor and charisma are obvious, no matter what personal feelings Trump may conjur up for some people.

Been many discussions on go bags and such.
Chad makes the video I would have made (if I made videos).

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.