Good old planting of evidence, the government way, eh? Don't like someone? Put incriminating stuff on his laptop and then act as if you found it by chance.

I guess so much for being a country of law and order. Guess that one only applies as long as it serfves your interests, eh.

Then again, "a country of law and order" has always been a front.


How niceof all these countries, giving Africa's politicians even more money to stuff their pockets with.


And besides, who's to say that these mistakes can't be fixed with a tiny portion of those 10mil?



And besides, if those mistakes aren't something that are goign to keep you from enjoying the 10mil, why fix them? Also, it's 10mil in hand, if you're smart you can keep that tax free.


@Debradelai @SusanInVA

Roger that. I noticed last year they even named winter storms.

The guy who created The Weather Channel never envisioned it to become a prime source of a fear machine to sell advertising.

Joe Bastardi considered John Coleman his mentor.



Monsoons in Bagladesh and Pakistan 9n a Niña year?

Say it isn't so!

Reminder, though we all know, of how manipulative the US press is. Old reporting, but it is so 😜 cray in its example.

Just exploit it for kicks and irrational audience fear. 🤪 Let's just fucking kneel in waders in toxic hurricane aftermath to present as "standing" in a flood, to "frame a narrative" for clicks. Looking at you, attention whore and carefully orchestrated Anderson Cooper, of the Vanderbilt cray family. Hair perfect, and no mud on face, check✔️ .

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