Well, it's the 1st of August and I have some extra money laying around. If any of you can afford it please consider giving this site some extra support, Saul still carries the the brunt of the costs by himself.

All of this decided to come down just as I came back from walking the dog. Rarely have I been this happy to have gotten home in time.

Been a while since I've done this so here goes: @Debradelai is currently shouldering the bulk of the costs associated with QV. Thanks to his efforts QV has remained ad-free and the data isn't being sold to third parties.

This however is very costly and as such whatever little amount you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

You can help support QV here with one of the set or adjusted recurring amounts or make a one time donation: quodverum.com/supportus

We've gotten a lot of new people recently so please, if this platform ends up being to your liking consider donating whatever you can even if it's just $1, every single little bit helps.

@Debradelai is doing an amazing job in maintaining and financing it but you can't expect him to carry that load all by himself.

You can donate to this place by the link "How to support QuodVerum" under the toot window or going here for you mobile users out there: quodverum.com/supportus

Twitter is getting more and more desperate in their pointless quest to stifle President Trump. I bet the only reason why you can still quote tweet him is to allow their brainless kin to smear him more easily.

Everyone, please remember to send some money to @Debradelai if you are so able to. The servers aren't going to fund themselves and Saul has to shoulder the burden largely himself so whatever you can part with would be of great help.

Yesterday, at 20:45, my grandfather passed away. He lived a long and fruitful life, caring for us when we needed him most. He was a rock when everything else was a chaos. He was funny and had many stories to tell.

Rest in peace, grandfather, and may your memory never be forgotten.

This is our newest family member, Dobby! He's already played plenty and is now taking a nap.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone, I hope all of you have a great time!

As usual, please help support this great platform. The servers aren't getting cheaper and money doesn't grow on trees.

Here we go again. Please help support this great platform with however much money you can spare. Servers don't maintain themselves and Saul is currently shouldering the brunt of the costs.

Thank you @SilverBlades17 for sending me this copy of "The Field of Fight" by @GenFlynn .

You can support the general at mikeflynndefensefund.org/ if you wish to donate to his legal defense.

It's that time of the month again. Please, everyone who can please help support this excellent forum.

Saul is still bearing the brunt of the costs for this platform and every little bit helps.

It's that time of the month again, big thank you to everyone who helps keeping this platform up and running!

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