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Roger that. I noticed last year they even named winter storms.

The guy who created The Weather Channel never envisioned it to become a prime source of a fear machine to sell advertising.

Joe Bastardi considered John Coleman his mentor.


Monsoons in Bagladesh and Pakistan 9n a Niña year?

Say it isn't so!

Reminder, though we all know, of how manipulative the US press is. Old reporting, but it is so 😜 cray in its example.

Just exploit it for kicks and irrational audience fear. 🤪 Let's just fucking kneel in waders in toxic hurricane aftermath to present as "standing" in a flood, to "frame a narrative" for clicks. Looking at you, attention whore and carefully orchestrated Anderson Cooper, of the Vanderbilt cray family. Hair perfect, and no mud on face, check✔️ .

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