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State Department announces the appointment of a special envoy on Holocaust issues to combat antisemitism.

Back to the Congressional updates.

Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District is the most conservative one in the state. With longtime Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner finally retiring after 40 years, there are many Republicans looking to be a worthy successor to the suburban Milwaukee area seat. Waukesha and West Allis are some of the major cities included in WI-5.

Matt Walker, businessman and son of former Governor Scott Walker is looking to follow in his dads footsteps.

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Oh my God.

Elizabeth Warren had her neck stretched with Photoshop for her Twitter photo.

Does it make her look swanlike and elegant?

Or does it make her look like she was hanged?

Tiramisu at the Bootlegger Bistro. This restaurant is owned by former Nevada Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt-Bono.

7700 S. Las Vegas Blvd

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It could never have happened with the likes of Paul Ryan.
Trump threw the House to flush out the GOP turncoats. Let's win it back with real Conservatives.

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"I’m here at a homeless camp in Los Angeles, CA.

We’re going to come clean it up on September 21st.

The world needs to see this.

It’s worse than Baltimore."

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@ThomasWic @Dawnz

8 years, "by the book, Scandal free."
And I raise palm trees in Nome.

Obama's Legacy, the worst pervasive corruption, and crime in American history.

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@Argentum47 That had to the most pitiful display of arrogance ever. I'm embarrassed for her knowing that she will never sit behind a real presidential desk and that she still pines for it. Again, pitiful.

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Can you say campaign finance crime!

8:10 p.m. Andrew Yang officially announced plans to give 10 new individuals $1k a month

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang announced on debate stage 10 new people to receive the "Freedom Dividend," a $1k a month payment, his signature campaign policy, according to a Yang campaign source. 3 people already received the payment from Yang, bring the total number of people receiving the dividend to 13. A source tells ABC News he will use campaign funds to make the payment

With Hillary pretending to sit at an Oval Office desk, did she write any Executive Orders?

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True 👇

Rising serpent

Joe Biden: "I'm the Vice President"

In the last 24 hours Hillary Clinton has pretended to be the president and read emails sitting a pretend oval office desk while Joe Biden thinks he's still Vice President.

Trump has literally broken the Democrats.

While all of the Democrats in tonight’s debate are losers, one Democrat didn’t lose. John Cooper won a tight race in the Nashville Mayoral Runoff Election, though his incumbent opponent is also a Dem.

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The Democratic Debate in a nut shell... ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!!!!!

Random thought. What if Mitt were a participant in tonight’s debates?

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The Daily Wire

When you walk into a car dealership on a slow day

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We recorded the debates so we're just starting. The first commentator guy starts off in Spanish not a good start

I don't think it's going to get any better

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This guy has a real bug up his culo.

Now he's telling me to update to 2014.

I have attached my response.

From the special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District last year. The 0.8% blowout that Troy Balderson delivered to Danny O’Connor. The Columbus suburbs were the the big blue disaster zone.

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He sounds good. Heck, makes me even want to move there, except for the heat, humidity, alligators, snakes, bugs & hurricanes I'm sure it is a great place!

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