@chart_map Your typical easily offended, Trump hating, millennial suburban housewife with a penchant for hypocrisy who represents a district of women just like herself.

That’s what we call a “Katie”.

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Brian has covered this often.
I, however am a bit of a savage.
So it took several years for me to accept this=Proud Boys are determined to give Antifa the OXYGEN they NEED to thrive & grow.
Gavin McInnes went ballistic.
You're tripping over your own BALLS, Gavin.
Glad I could help.

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@LibbyAnnSpeaks @ThomasWic These guys are massive douchebros. They live in a fantasy world where they see themselves as fearless Spartan warriors, fighting for the honor of their future stay at home housewives.

Canadians are about to get “69ed”, so here’s a song from their native son, Bryan Adams.

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I believe that Barack is right that she ignited the populous movement that smoldered until Trump came along. Romney didn't benefit because he was wedded to the establishment.

@NevadaJack Did Sarah Palin really have that much clout at that point?

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Obama Tells Crowd That He Blames One Person For The Dems Losing The 2016 Election

Sarah Palin


@Debradelai What did Ezra do to end up on your “hold my beer” list?

Ezra Levant looks like he’s about to have a meltdown, if he hasn’t already.

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@Argentum47 @NevadaJack

Maybe the entire impeachment trial will be in that old 8-bit game dialect.

@Debradelai 185 seats between the Libs, NDP and Greens at this point. A traffic light coalition if you will. Everyone will be stuck on red.

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Oh, lovely.

Are we ready to watch "Turdeau" pivot to the left?


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I'm still waiting for the votes to come in, but if Trudeau does win, that'll be upsetting.

Now granted, their system isn't like ours, so there's no protections against big city voters overriding the rural vote, to their detriment, which explains a lot about how Canadian politics works.

Remember that if the conservatives lose, it wasn't the fault of rural voters in Saskatchewan, Alberta, or Manitoba. It was urban voters in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver who are at fault.

@Luckyluke1973 It’s kinda how I felt in 2012 with Mitt going down against Obama. Stay strong, my friend!

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