Spoke with a friend of mine from The Lakes. She has a neighbor who supported Bernie who got her house egged as well as a Buttigieg supporter who had his sign stolen during the caucuses in February. Dems can be quite nasty to each other.

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Gun stores and shooting ranges have been added to the Department of Homeland Security’s list of “essential” businesses that should remain open amid the media’s coronavirus panic.

In updated guidance issued March 28, DHS deemed “workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges” to be essential employees during the sweeping shutdown of businesses across the country.



Duterte took his VP, Leni Robredo, off his anti drug task force when she accused China of bringing drugs into the Philippines.

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It reminds me of something Dr. Jordan Peterson said. When we hear about historical atrocities we always project ourselves into the role of the hero. We would never stand by and watch our neighbors dragged off. We certainly would not be the cowardly informant handing our neighbors over to the authorities. We say "How could they do that? Not me! Even if my life was in danger I would never ... " fill in the blank.

Times like this show us who we really are.


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Nervous Nanzi & Schmucky Schumer's buddies are whining!


The National Immigrant Justice Center, an organization that describes themselves as
“advocates for human rights and humane immigration laws” is upset that illegal immigrants are not getting $1200 stimulus checks under the current relief plan.

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@GOPPollAnalyst: "In times of uncertainty we always see how full of crap Democrats are. They start praying, turn Nationalist, turn into preppers, want guns, demand border closures while defying gov't calls for citizen restrictions after begging for them

What a timeline lol"


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Hmmm, the snitching policy should go down well in Detroit...

Oh I so badly want to say because there are so many rats living in Detroit, but my meaning might be misconstrued! Lol

Rodent rats—✅
Snitch rats—❌


“Like, the sun is a country and all the little sun elves get free solar energy because their leaders care about them.”


Yeah, the snitching policy should go over well in Detroit.

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BREAKING: French government reverses earlier ban on (NOTE for .. APPLIES ONLY TO MEDICALLY PRESCRIBED..NOT FISH TANK CLEANER) for treating COVID19 patients in light of successful clinical studies showing significant efficacy against the virus.

may now be prescribed to treat COVID-19 in France.


It’s not enough to be its own Congressional District anymore. The Maryland Legislature will keep drawing weird looking districts across the area to create some semblance of a majority black constituency.

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A 101-year-old Italian man born during the Spanish flu pandemic left the hospital on Thursday after beating the Chinese coronavirus.

An Italian man – known as Mr. P. – battled the infection and won, according to a report by the local media outlet Rimini Today, which added Mr. P. has been discharged from a hospital in Rimini, Italy, and has returned home to his family.


@MEMA @Wizski @Debradelai

You’d have to be on shrooms in order to go to bed with that thing!



-Felicia Fasco, Internet Certified Lawyer, White Plains, NY

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Haha Best thing about this? The replies to her.

Alyssa Milano seems shocked by result of ABC News/WaPo poll about Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak


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