“I have changed the course of history. Trump would never have followed through on his promises without TUCKER CARLSON. I am the ALPHA and OMEGA. Keep watching my show.”

“When the future nationalized textbook industry produces books for future generations (because that is a position I will support soon), they will speak fondly of yours truly for making these changes. I ask not for praise for ending WHO funding, just adoration.”

“Paris Accords? That was ME. Executive Action on tech giant oligarchs? ME. Other actions that I approve of? ME. My power is UNDENIABLE.”

“Even the help from true populist nationalist conservative Americans such as Queen Tulsi, I would have still been able to make President Trump make the changes that I’VE always advocated for. “

“My impact on American politics is HUGE and is no way an overcompensation for anything else!”

“Hello fellow conservatives. Tucker Carlson here. I’m not one to brag, but the President took MY advice on defunding the World Health Organization.”

This is one of the Republicans who failed to flip a winnable Assembly seat in 2018. He’s a Rubio fanboy BTW.

One of the positions involves sticking ones head up the ass.

I heard President Trump had “Sweet Child of Mine” playing after his speech. Axl won’t be pleased!

Larry needs keep in mind, North Carolina has way more Dems than Republicans and Trump was and is still able to win it.

Jailbird Omar Navarro, who didn’t make the runoff for the deep blue CA-43 seat (Maxine Waters), wants President Trumps endorsement. He lost to a former Trump Hating, Green Party member who thinks his body fluids are worth millions of dollars.

Dan Rodimer gets a second Second Amendment endorsement. In addition to the NRA, Gun Owners of America falls into his column!

1930s LA. Yeah, The Prohibition sign is total BS and the people knew it back then.

When Trump is trying to unite citizens of all colors, faiths and backgrounds into the GOP, FB rants like this undermine those efforts.

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