What a surprise. Tulsi doesn’t want Trump to leave Syria.

“But guyth, Tulthi acthually thtandth agintht endleth warth! Few people underthtand thith!”

Found an old drawing from 2011. This was when the Syria conflict was sending gas prices upwards. Pretty goofy stuff. Also, Ben Bernanke is in the lower right corner.

@Lonestar Here’s an example of how UNLV Ed professors use OUR money. Note: This applies to any other major university.

“Quasi-experimental”. Do they make shit up during half of the project? Does “shifting” mean having some horn rimmed goggle wearing harpy call the teachers racists until they agree 100%?

This is why I could never go back to college. So much grift and ideological sleaze.

Do these leftists protestors have some sort of fetish for 12th-17th century fashion? Yes, I mean the sexual kind.

Trumps 3.6% victory in IA-3. The blue area is Polk County, where Des Moines is located. That’s what made it so tight.

Correction: Nicollet County was mistakenly put in the district. Here’s the update. Still red as ever.

“I am a college educated suburban woman! Trump offends me so much that I’m going to carry books on my head to show off my intellectual superiority, dontcha know!

Trumps 1.2% victory in MN-2. These are the southern suburbs of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metroplex. A lot of easily offended suburban women here.

Trumps 30.8% victory in MN-7. This western Minnesota district is the reddest one from 2016 Presidential Election to be represented by a Democrat. Not a single county in the district is blue.

Snooty Susie Lee gets some visitors at her Paradise office on Pebble and Eastern.

Trumps 2.6% victory in PA-17 if the current boundaries were applied. The margin was much larger under its previous form as PA-12. The northern part of Allegheny County was slightly blue as compared to the southern part, which makes up PA-18.

Fake Blue Dog Democrat Conor is one Lamb that needs to be lead to an electoral slaughter in 2020.

After 30 years of representing the Lower Hudson area, Congresswoman Nita Lowey says “No more!”. New York’s 17th Congressional District is based in Rockland County and most of Westchester County and has a huge field of longtime Democrat elected officials looking to get in to Congress...or will they?

I expect great things from young conservatives. Being a Pied Piper is not one of them.

Trumps 9.6% victory in PA-8 (Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazleton). This is one of the key areas that put the Keystone State in Trumps column.

Before the court ordered redistricting, much of the territory was numbered as PA-17 and that still counted towards Trump.

Trumps spine tingling close performance in Michigan by State Senate District.

Trumps 11.2% victory in NM-2 (Roswell, Hobbs and Las Cruces).

Trumps 9.8% victory in NY-11 (Staten Island and part of Brooklyn). This is not a district the GOP cannot "fuhgettabout".

Trumps 1.9% victory in NY-18 (Newburgh, Carmel and Poughkeepsie). This is the last chance to flip this district before redistricting.

Trumps 6.8% victory in NY-19 (Kingston. Oneonta and Hudson). This Catskills based district needs a nice red coat of paint.

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