It’s been one month since the Nevada primary election. It is time to tell a story about what I did in an inevitably unwinnable situation.

This could be a real life Kobayashi-Maru test.

In Nevada, especially Clark County, Republicans have a tough time winning. There will be periods of time when they do great, but for the most part they fail hard.

Recruiting candidates in swing districts proves to be futile for the State Legislature, as it doesn’t pay much compared to other states.

Important figures in Vegas making big money will rarely make the sacrifice to spend 6 months out of a 2 year period to go upstate and make laws.

Democrats recruit government employees who will still collect a check to run for the legislature while Republicans, well, wait for someone with a pulse to file for office.

In the case of the Clark County GOP, they wait until the last minute and get good candidates who are too lazy to actually campaign, or highly flawed individuals who want it a little too much.

In the Assembly District 5, I tried to help the former defeat the latter.

I was helping a candidate who made too many excuses.

Set up a FB/Twitter account?

“Can’t do it on a Droid and I have no computer.”

Speak to donors to raise funds?

“I don’t need the money.”

Walk door to door, even just to drop off fliers?”

“It’s too hot and COVID.”

This woman did everything to avoid campaigning. She also never told me the full story behind why she was running.

The Nevada Assembly GOP caucus director, Eric Roberts, knew about this candidate because she was politically active. He waited until the last minute of the filing period to ask, no, beg her to run.

The other candidate was Mack Miller, whom I have talked about before. Miller is a con artist and Army Deserter who is currently facing a bankruptcy.

He should have been laughed out of the party years ago, but the Clark County GOP is run by enablers.

Anyways, Eric Roberts, not to be confused with the less talented brother of Julia Roberts, got this other candidate to run and hopefully deny Miller the nod.

I made it my mission to help this candidate win an election. The problem is, if you want something more than your client, then it won’t work.

I printed out fliers in on the cheap. They were simple, but to the point. I made lists of Republican voters in the district. I walked certain precincts during my days off, delivering them to voters.

My client was at least making phone calls to her contacts, but didn’t realize most of them were ineligible to vote for her, due to not living in the district.

It was very frustrating.

She was very moderate in her beliefs. B on an NRA survey. Pro choice all the way. Praised Sisolak for shutting down the Nevada economy. Supposedly she loved Trump.

She didn’t do much to promote herself and wouldn’t even take advice from people who actually served in office.

In the end, she came in third. Losing to the con artist Miller and a perennial candidate who looks like Uncle Fester.

I tried to do what I could for someone who was reluctant to win and made excuses.

I learned never to help people who won’t help themselves. The moment they show that trait, adios!


Addendum: Two days after the election my client group texted me to sign a petition to force LV City Councilwoman Michele Fiore to step down, because of comments she had recently made at a Clark County GOP convention that were perceived as racially charged. In the petition, my client was showing support for BLM.

She put more effort into being a big baby over someone else’s words than actually trying to win an election.

She probably would have rolled over in the general.

@Argentum47 Wow. That is so enraging. So sorry about all those bad candidates.

@Argentum47 Glad to have you take the time to show the terrible state of the party in LV. Not sure how to improve that. I think @Debradelai could stir up some things. I recall when I was going to Cal Poly SLO, there was a guest speaker who gave a talk to convince the student body that it only took a single gene to activate metamorphosis in the butterfly larvae. This was in 2009, beginning the whole hope and change phenomena. Now we have to get our country back.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @Debradelai

This is only one seat. Fortunately, there are other worthy candidates who deserve support this cycle. I was more annoyed with this particular candidates infantile mentality.

The guy I backed for Congress, Dan Rodimer, defeated a fossilized political has been who hates Trump.

The Clark County GOP is made up of pessimistic establishment consultants and demented cartoon cowboys. Both need to be replaced by people that live on this planet.

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