“Without a doubt, America needs a leader who believes in fairness, equality and justice. Because without fairness, there is no equality. Without equality, there is no justice and without fairness, there is no justice.”

“I am the true political outsider! I served as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Congressman from Vermont and Senator from Vermont. For the last 40 years of my life, I have fought to ensure that our country is fair, which is why I deserve to own three homes!”

“The United States of America was founded as a racist institution, which is why I deserve your vote this November! I will catch this country up to the demands of the 21st century and ensure that we never look back at our history, unless it is to shame and anger those whenever necessary.”

“Whenever I yell, I yell for justice! I have worked hard my entire life to create a new world! A new humanity! A new way of thinking! The millennials in the audience have learned well from their justice oriented professors that bias is not OK! They must be independent thinkers and agree with the new agenda!”

“My opponents don’t not know the struggles through which I have been! I was kicked out of a commune because I was to radical for their outdated concept of ‘work’. I shall free you from the shackles of labour as spelled with a u. Other countries spell it with a u and we should too, because we a part of a global community!”

“As a US Senator, I have argued in Washington DC about the need to ban things I don’t like, including words! I’ve never put much effort into passing laws of my own, but I sure like to complain about how unfair and unjust America was, is and always will be! I represent the new generation of this hate-filled land and my speeches will become more bombastic when I am to become President!”

“No more cars! You will eat bugs as CNN and it’s scientists have instructed, unless they want you to eat nothing but soy! You will move into the cities and vote Democrat as the unions have told you to do! The religion of liberation theology will liberate you! A $100 minimum wage will ensure a fair and green economy for all, including non citizens! If you don’t like it, you will be put up against the wall, because to us, opinions are violence!”

“But, I digress. I’ll change the United States into something that Nazi Washington would never recognize. Why? Because I hate America even more than I hate myself for being Jewish, but do not call me a ‘self hating Jew’ or I’ll have a mental breakdown. I will call the police and have them arrest you, even though I plan on abolishing them.”

“Remember this, my preteen 20 and 30 year old voters, Bernie Sanders will fight for you because it’s what you want. It’s what your teachers want. It’s what your celebrities want. Screw what your parents want. I’m your daddy!”

I love these physics engines videos. So many ways to screw around!


This part is rich:

"They must be independent thinkers and agree with the new agenda!”

But I find it much easier to digest the sandwich

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.