Looks like it’ll be Edwards vs Rispone!


Trump magic.

Hope the Reeps can unite for the general.

And LSU is beating FLA.


I think so - the Reeps absolutely shredded every other office and will be getting a super-majority in the state Senate.

Plus LSU just scored again and should win the game.

Abraham needs to stay in the House.
Rispone had best be ready for the utterly vicious attacks on him and his family

@masterblaster @Argentum47 U don’t claim to know anything about Risp. I’m surprised. Just from seeing him and Ralph on stage , I thought Ralph was going to beat him. Shows what I know. 🤷‍♀️

@Jaime @Argentum47

I thought so as well. I still think Ralph is good in the House. I think what beat his was Gumbo Pac's ad about the airplane. We still have a lot of anti success resentment here and that is too bad. Hopefully Ralph backs Rispone totally unlike the last trip around, Jay(Judas) Dardenne we're speaking of you.

@Jaime @Argentum47

Gumbo PAC is James Carville's baby . Not much in state money but all kids from say, OFA 'SEIU , East Coast money and Hollywood money too .

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