On this day off from work, I was thinking about a friend of mine whom, like me, was unjustly thrown out of the Clark County School District. We’ll call him “Peter”.

Peter was a long term sub for CCSD. I first met him in my first full year. He took over for an English teacher who was promoted to a guidance counselor at another school soon after the school year started.

He had a lot on his plate, but he managed to teach classes full of 30+ kids each. He was already a father of three girls, so dealing with kids wasn’t hard for him.

I didn’t see him my second year, because he went to full time work at the airport. He was the breadwinner for his work shy wife.

I saw him again my third year, because he was taking over for the special education math teacher who was chased out by the perverted Dean “Tojo” who I’ve mentioned here before.

Peter got the worst students in the afternoon. They hated his guts. The administration hated his guts. Our SEIF hated his guts, probably.

One day near the end of my third and final year, some girls in his afternoon class decided to make his life a living hell. The worst hell you could imagine. They decided to accuse him of inappropriate contact.

Peter was taken to the Deans office by the school police. He was unceremoniously tossed out, but not arrested or charged with anything. Our corrupt Dean was so happy to do this, like any sociopath.

Peter, who was already working three jobs at that point and trying to get into a program to become a full time teacher, was screwed big time.

His wife, who was cheating on him, divorced him and he lost custody of children and had to move out of his condo. Being Mormon, this was pretty devastating to him.

If you’re out there somewhere, I hope things have gotten better. As we say here on QV, I hope all is well.

@rarity Because he was a long term sub, people felt they could treat him like garbage. It’s the CCSD way!


Why did those HS girls get in on it?

Did he get his own lawyer involved?

@rarity These girls were in 6th grade at the time. We taught at a middle school. They always tended to disrupt his class and our admins were getting soft on discipline because of Obama’s EO regarding discipline of minority students. These girls were always getting sent to the Dean, so they got vindictive.

I think he was planning on suing the district, but was already in the throes of marriage issues. Lawyers ain’t cheap.


@rarity It’s just the way things go. If you have students who take advantage of you, then the admins will. Vice versa.

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