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"...responding to some of the “fact” checkers challenging last week’s show. In preparation, we uncovered an EVEN BIGGER voter irregularity. Prayers that Crowder doesn’t fall victim to the Clinton body count ..."

'Skinny' jeans is out...."skinny" is harmful language 🤪

I'm guessing "boyfriend cut" jeans will be next. This term must be offensive to someone, surely?!?

DNI Ratcliffe's report, supported by the IC Ombudsman, seems to have...well...just disappeared. Ignored. That's a shame.

Is Raskin as bald as a badgers butt on the back of his head or is he wearing a kippah? I can't tell 😕

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I would love to see a major class action law suit against FB and Twatter for silencing, banning the doctors who promoted HCQ..

HOW MANY F-ing lives could’ve been saved if HCQ was available right away?

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This would be the PERFECT opportunity for Trump to reveal everything.

But will he?


Therefore I won't make any predictions.

But think about it:

The Democrats think THEY'VE set the perfect trap, because lawyers almost always tell their clients to not testify.

Almost everyone on Trump's side worries about "perjury traps," so THEY don't want Trump to testify.

So if he DID testify in person, nobody would expect it.

I do not like Lindsay Graham. He's a two-faced bitch.

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I think some may need to be reminded:

Noah was labeled a conspiracy theorist and was treated very badly and discredited.

Then, it started to rain.

Blind Freddy could see what happened in the hours of Nov 3 & 4. The whole world witnessed it. The US military observed in real time....what I still don't fathom is WHY the US military, the greatest in the world, & CISA have seemingly not acted on what they know to be true & allowed this foreign interference & domestic corruption to play out to the point that sleepy Joe is now inaugurated President.

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ISP addresses from China documented invading the election theft including individual files, time stamps. Trump has it all. China ISPs were bombarding election computers in Michigan, Georgia, Arizona. Holy shit! Massive cyber warfare.

Mike Lindell's presentation is a bombshell

Hello, nice to meet you....I'm new here although I've had an account for a few years. No idea what I'm doing yet....nevertheless I'll get used to it. Am on Gab after being booted off twatter the same day as DJT, but Gab is somewhat of an echo chamber, which I don't consider very healthy ✌

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.