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The amendment to defund vaccine mandates had no chance of becoming law. This was political theatre on both sides

If the amendment to end vaccine mandates had passed, it also would have resulted in a government shutdown because it was added to the stopgap Budget extension - the continuing resolution.


What? No bitching about Robert's, today?

SCOTUS shoots down OSHA mandate 6-3

“Although Congress has indisputably given OSHA the power to regulate occupational dangers, it has not given that agency the power to regulate public health more broadly."

Go fish, Brandon.

Oh, yes, mandate for Medicare/Medicaid providers stands. Different animal.


Following is all from @Roncoleman on the T-word.

A very powerful thread.


The "careful, cautious" incrementalism of the Roberts Court is coming home to now.

SCOTUS has avoided every constitutional question, waited forever for just the right case to make just the right tiny point, and obsessed over its supposed "institutional" integrity.

Result? >

Justice Gorsuch pretty much stating what Bidet is trying to do in light on being unable to pass a mandate in Congress.

Can Sotomayor be stupider than our wildest assumptions?

Yes. She can.

Every variant will be more contagious and milder than it's predecessors, u til we get back to the common cold.

Grifters, ignoramuses and cowards are destroying this world.

Vaccine Mandate: remember that the law on mandates differs depending on whether it’s the federal or state govt acting because of federalism. Having looked at the OSHA rule, I think it’s unlawful statutorily & constitutionally. It has the same problems the eviction moratorium had.

That is: the action to issue the mandate taken by OSHA isn’t authorized by the existing statutory & regulatory framework previously created by the Congress & HHS, &



You know, if “Dog the Bounty Hunter” finds him before the FBI, it’s going to be another embarrassment.

Kingmaker has this exactly correct.
I think this is going to end up as a 1519 conspiracy -- to knowingly falsify a document or entries therein for the purpose of influencing a federal investigation -- existing or contemplated.

That the Sussmann indictment is an undisguised signal that conspiracy charges are soon to follow is transparent in the first few paragraphs of the indictment. One need not read past page one to understand where Durham is heading.
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The photographer should get a Pulitzer.

This photo will live in infamy long after Getty is coerced into making it disappear. The internet is forever.

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Americas frontline doctors are grifters performing a simple scam atm. I will expose it in my thread on saturday.


Everyone who had a hand in stealing the election are responsible for this. We wouldn’t be witnessing this disaster right now if not for the election theft.

How disgusting that the Biden regime and their apparatchiks in FakeNews are desperately trying to spin this disaster as 'an inevitable historic tragedy'.


This was ALL avoidable.

It is 100 % on Biden.

And he should be arrested by the military. Not just for this, but for his other crimes.

They all should be.

Enough is enough.

The end.



(The Fire of discontent is RISING!)


The fact that Miller took office AFTER the election should have alarmed the Demwits (if it did, I missed it) and made them realize Trump was up to something.
The unbalanced are off balance and they have been since Trump’s ride down the escalator.

Lifting mask mandates for the "fully vaccinated," with no way to really prove who is and who isn't, is a tacit full reopening that absolves them admitting it was all theater and nothing we did to Stop The Spread™ mattered.

(I agree that it should be honor system. I am just surprised the bureaucrats think so too.)

Shout-out to my homie Rand Paul for making it happen 😉

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