Dow Jones at 26,287, won't be long before it surpasses its previous high.

Have you ever stopped to marvel at having been born at this time, in this place?

That's a blessing. To be able to marvel, rather than mourn. There are places where there is nothing to marvel at. And most of history has been not so promising.

Trust the Captain to right the ship, storms dont last forever


Nope. It’s her. I knew from day 1.
I also used to fear this. She’s Obama’s girl.
Central in Kavanaugh smear and Jussie/ lunching bill.
I worried and worried.

I’m 100% sure Trump wins in a landslide. Don’t worry. VOTE. Bring everyone you know.


Let’s replace all the ones pulled down with electrified Gold ones of Trump and his admin.

@MaureenQueen @Lonestar

Hello Fellow Texan! Contract tracing is done on your phone. - go to settings/ go to search bar/ enter COVID19/COVID-19 exposure notifications. Make sure it’s toggled off.

Also—-Check this out.

@WarriorPoet @Argentum47

When this rioting first broke out, I sat down with my dear wife and told her to NEVER stop her vehicle if surrounded by rioting maniacs.

Told her I'd rather accompany her to her trial than her funeral.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.