Check out the video. It’s a good summary, straight from the IG’s mouth.

@MaggieMoore I watched it before I replied.

I’m surprised he did this. Made my day.


It was a nice surprise and the timing was perfect! At the same moment, Twit was reporting Vindman was taking the 5th. I haven’t confirmed the Vindman news personally yet but it seems Nunes hit a home run.

@MaggieMoore @Angela
Nah, lawyer intervened. Following chairman’s shit guidelines.

@MaggieMoore @Angela
What I found odd at a few key moments my volume went off. Than once different questions were answered Miraculously went back on.🤔

@Jaime @Angela

I’m going to tune in. But if I feel my BP rising, I’ll turn it off and rely on the kindness of others strong enough to listen.

I’m listening to Bill O’Reilly’s take on Vindman right now on Mark Simone’s radio show.


Don’t bother.

Both Libtard witnesses were slayed by the Republicans. It was hilarious to watch. Now the Dems are on a character building endeavor to try to build the witnesses back up by their careers. National joke.

Changed the channel after Jordan spoke.


Thanks. That’s exactly when I tuned in and it’s been on mute since.


Just before giving up and tuning out, Elise Stefanik began her questioning.

I’m so glad I caught that. She is persuasive and used Vindman’s earlier testimony to highlight his belief that he, and only he, is the expert on Ukraine, with Vindman words implying that Trump is not. Yet, Stafanik forced him to affirm that the President sets foreign policy, not Vindman.

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