I’ll never forget being silenced on Twitard.
Rex was gone. TW was gone. Mr. MB reinstated shortly after then banned for good.
January 23 I got an email.
These are the Top Four greatest citizen journalists of all time.
I may have cried a little.

@Angela I remember January 23rd. I was giddy with excitement when I got the email. I knew it would be different and great, had no idea it would exceed those expectations so quickly.❤️

@Angela Hated seeing any of them out but the day @ThomasWic was gone made me boil over with red hot anger. Still angry just thinking about it. (so angry that I had to delete and redraft out all the stupid typos - twice - from this one's original)

@StevenDouglas @Angela @ThomasWic Same here. I was really really angry. Then Rex was gone. Used to follow jayfiverkiller, he was funny, then gone, name_redacted/harold finch gone, Saul gone.

I got suspended the first time for typing only this in response to a Joe Biden gaffe “Never go full retard”. That’s it. The second time for posting a pic of an aborted baby in a thread where the virtues of abortions was being promoted. Twatter called it “gratuitous gore”.

@StevenDouglas @Angela @ThomasWic One thing I noticed though - “stupid fucking libtards” bring out the worst in me. I’m really a nice person IRL, not so much on Twitter. I found it hard to resist shitposting the stupidity over there, people like the Krassen assholes and that Dr Eugene whatshisface Imbecile.

Much prefer QV. I only miss the ability to respond to the politicians. So now I call their offices on a regular basis instead.

@Angela I, too, remember that email. I didn’t know it was to be a reality but when I got notice of social.quodverum, it’s was a moment I won’t soon forget! So glad to have it & so happy to support it!

@Angela Breath of fresh air. I'm so thankful for this site.


Wear your ban by twitter as a medal of honor.

You're here now. As a collective, QV is better than twitter in every way. And this is just the start.

Onward and upward, friend!

@REX @Angela

It's tightening up over there, I think. I got a non-tweet in my timeline, just a 'friendly reminder' about the rules. Of course, I didn't break any rules, but I wonder if I got reported, and by who, else the message goes out to everyone.

It was helpful, though. I noticed certain YT links weren't displaying properly, and that some may have been playing banner ads on the embeds. What if that becomes a way of setting people up? Link to a video, shows an offensive ad, and get banned.

@TommyDK @REX @Angela I got a permanent ban for saying less . I called someone an asshole who harasses our potus and go an insta ban. Almost want to get a burner phone to go troll that asshole once again . It felt good to rip into her .


Oh wow. You are right. We are blessed to have em here.

Twatter was good for one thing. Introducing me to thinking minds that don't just verbal vomit their brain food. Cates bros, Saul Montes-Bradley, Rex, Wictor amongst others that might or might not be here at SQV.


I was sickened. If you have 0/0 followers/following you’re permanently suspended.

You will find your quality of life increases but you will go through the stages of grief at first.

@Angela Similar for me..they were gone,a lot of other good ppl were gone..I didnt get an email but I saw a link..a link to here and 3 names jumped out at me-Saul, Thomas and Rex.I dropped everything I was doing (I think I was making dinner)..and followed that link which brought me here.I signed up,best move ever!

@Angela we all experienced that. All of a sudden Twitter was useless

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