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With this staying inside and public home schooling maybe some parents will find out the cr@p their progeny are being taught.

"He's not watching now but if he is he doesn't understand what he's watching" - Trump on Biden

Flu deaths miraculously stopped!
The green line is 2020.
How wonderful!

DeBlasio clown show.

NØ Wuhan patients were supposed to be transferred to the navy hospital ship Comfort, but sure as shit, they transferred some.

This is absolutely outstanding and hey another example why everyone can ignore the mainstream media.

Our corner of the internet has brilliant minds. In this case, a searchable database of primary source documents relating to Mid Year Exam, the Obama FBI/DOJ cover-up of Crooked's illegal server.


I honestly believe, social distancing is very difficult for most. We are pack animals...😁

I just left the house for the first time in three weeks.
Went to local Sprouts.
No one practicing social distancing unless yelled at by cashiers or me. 😉

@MEMA snowflake virus is spread all around the world, and it is 100 times more contagious than EBOLA.

Thread on PANIC

I have a MASSIVE "platform" on social media. Yeah. Three or four folks hang on every syllable I type. Well, OK, maybe 2 or 3, and maybe hardly ANY syllables, but nevertheless...

Hey, maybe this thread will someday be read by my granddaughter, when she learns to read of course.

For what little it's worth...


If anyone feels down today, just go to @IndiaMaria page and read her post from Sunday.



Senator Barrasco jumped right on that, which may mean that this is the NEW, ASSERTIVE Trump GOP's plan to circumvent an almost certain PorkFest Phase 4 proposal by Pelosi.

Since he was elected, Trump has been calling for $1-2 T for infrastructure.

@nico @ThomasWic

Cheaper gas
Russia's economy into the shitter
End of climate change bullshit
End of windmill bullshit
End of OPEC
Temporary damage to over-
leveraged TX oil companies
Better U.S. autos with STEEL
bodies are MONSTER engines


It sure was stunning.

I have seen every "corona presser" and sure was not prepared for the firepower that appeared on that stage yesterday.

"Grey" Navy buzzing around the Pacific and Atlantic; Air Force, Special Operators, Coast Guard all mobilized -- literally "Monroe Doctrine-ing"...

Speaking softly and Carrying a $2 Trillion Stick.

I was very surprised at how little reaction their was from the infantile press.

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