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Impeachment for Biden conversation.
Media chased this and I wondered why POTUS would say this.

All I can think of is CROWDSTRIKE.

Crowdstrike (Ukraine) analyzed the DNC server.

Patriot Seth Rich downloaded the information from the DNC internally. The speed proves this.

(H/T William Binney)

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This keeps coming up from the Dems.
Russia hacked DNC.
Crowdstrike conclusion paid for by DNC.
No one has seen the server.

Now, we have Nerrie pushing this. She offered this information twice without being asked.

Nerrie states she also had seen her work for Fusion GPS published in the press and admits she was researching Flynn.

Her ability to recall information was laughable. (If this was funny, which it’s not. At all.)

Where is the server?


The leftist sheep and the leftist leaders, since it fits their narrative. 🤦‍♀️

The only thing the Dems have leftover for these Never Trumpers is to attempt to build their smeared characters.


Turning the channel.

Homerun for R’s last questioning. Schiff in now spinning and relying on press reports (!NYT and WaPo articles!?!) that witnesses read for more information.

This is unbelievable. Do we give too much credit to Americans? Who buys this spin?


Check out the video. It’s a good summary, straight from the IG’s mouth.

This R lawyer is slaying these Never Trumpers.

Good Times.

"Schiff has managed to produce during the first few weeks of his impeachment hearings a robust body of evidence and testimony that supports all three of the main tenets of my Ukraine columns.

In fact, his witnesses have done more than anyone to affirm the accuracy of my columns and to debunk the false narrative by a dishonest media and their friends inside the federal bureaucracy that my reporting was somehow false conspiracy theories."

New article by Brian Cates:

Welcome to the Spin Zone

"The day the public impeachment hearings began in the House of Representatives, who magically appeared on MSNBC as a newly minted legal analyst?

Andrew Weismann."


Weissman is getting a job at MSNBC.

it’s over.

You did it.


If Trump testifies, he kills the Democratic party.

I'm all for it.

Mad drunk Nancy Pelosi is another example.

An utter loon, corrupt as hell, trying to get rid of Trump to cover up her own crimes.

Screw these people. They're just so corrupt, such slimebags. Awful. The worst politicians in US history.

Hang em high

Oh man. Schiff in full on panic mode.

The desperation of this Ukraine hoax and the way these people have convinced themselves that their lie is the truth, need to know.

There's some horrible stuff they're trying to cover up. The truth will be hard. Simple as that.

"Mr. Horowitz will be appearing before the Senate Committee on Dec. 11."

In other words FISA report will be released BEFORE Dec 11.

So, how many heart attacks are going to happen on the Demshevik side in the next three weeks?

Yes, morons, open up Wikileaks Pandora’s box again.

This is obvious.

Transcript- Crowdstrike.

Now, Wikileaks testimony?

This is getting good.

Come on Dems, vote to impeach so we can unleash hell! (Durham/IG/Huber)

@watch4thedrop @inverness01 @holymolyrocky

That's cuz you're young. Hot heads all of you.....

GOP wins FOUR out of five KY State seats in one night.....GOP SWEEPS Mississippi same night....GOP DEMOLISHES Dems in LA, lose one razor tight race to INCUMBENT Anti-Abortion, Pro-2A, Pro-Trump Democrat....Democrats self-destructing before our eyes....GOP raising BUZZILLIONS of dollars from the little guy....

Oh wait....on second thought, NOW I'M worrief....



Obama's "dismal eight" cost the Democrat Party 1000 seats nationwide, you are so right.

"Democrats’ illegitimate coup has sent a lightning rod through
voters across the country!

✅ 75,000 volunteer signups through “stop the madness” push
✅ crushing fundraising, w/ Sept. & Oct. as 2 best online months"

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