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Ukraine+Biden warrant=A National Security Threat

A National Security Threat is not something for the DOJ or FBI.

It goes to the DOD.


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The chorus of infamous cretins like Axelrod, Lieu, Rhodes and other such vermin regarding @GenFlynn 's pardon are the most perfect argument for the hypocrisy and falsity of the Democrat plaintive cries for unity and kumbaya.

Make no mistake.

This sons of bitches want your freedom, your property and your life.

There is no reconciliation nor will there ever be.

15. 'Rex, c'mon man! That will never happen in the US of A!'


It's EXACTLY that sort of complacency that got America to where it is right now.

A corrupt Pretend President, owned by the CCP, on the verge of being handed the keys to the Oval.

In his own demented mind, at least.

But back to my original point.

Take heart.

The lovers of freedom are MANY. All over the world.

Our enemies are the minority. Don't let them fool you.

Be like Trump.



The end.

Scytl server IP address before taken offline... now routed through a Dallas IP address.

Just throwing this out there...

General Flynn

Jeremiah 1:19 🇺🇸

“And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the LORD, to deliver thee.”

King James Version (KJV)


God knows the truth as do the Patriots. The rest can go to hell.

I'm sad that General Flynn was pardoned.

I wanted him to be exonerated.

But we live in a time when true justice is very hard to come by.

Sullivan ran out the clock.

Why do people allow dictators to restrict their freedoms until there is nothing left?

Are we prisoners under house arrest that can't leave our homes and punished if we try to escape?

Rulers are ordering curfews. Does it help them sleep at night thinking we are safely locked away?

How much longer are citizens going to be treated like children?

Please remain calm, use logic, reason, and speak freely. Here is Theory 19 of many to come. Prove it true (or) false.

Jeff Carlson

I don't see this as Justice for @GenFlynn

Justice would have been finding him innocent years ago.

I see this as finally halting the subversion of Justice.

Gov. Wolf wanted DVS. The boy had fraud on his mind. Said he wanted to see who voted but rejected the bar code that would have made fraud impossible.

Cari Kelemen

In Pennsylvania, 1.8 million mail-in ballots went out, and 2.5 million came back in.

Thanks to @IndiaMaria for this.
POTUS’ exact words “We have everything.” 👇🏼

Trump. “We have everything. We caught them the same way we caught them spying on our campaign.”

Thanks NSA. 🇺🇸

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