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This keeps coming up from the Dems.
Russia hacked DNC.
Crowdstrike conclusion paid for by DNC.
No one has seen the server.

Now, we have Nerrie pushing this. She offered this information twice without being asked.

Nerrie states she also had seen her work for Fusion GPS published in the press and admits she was researching Flynn.

Her ability to recall information was laughable. (If this was funny, which it’s not. At all.)

Where is the server?

Seth Rich leaked to Wikileaks?

Entirely plausible. If true, this would be the reference Mark Warner was making about the devastating information implicating the Democrats, in his texts to Waldman in 2017.

We need gold standard proof, however. And please, no conspiracy theories on Rich's murder. That's a separate issue.

Trump UNLEASHED on the media as they had a screaming meltdown and claimed his tweets were racist.

My view of the world, time now.
I have to remember the good and how truly blessed I am.
Sometimes the battle is a little tough.


Hours before ⁦@KamalaHarris released a statement attacking the law firm that represented pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, her husband was attending a fundraiser the firm was holding for her campaign.


POTUS said that they are definitely socialists, that they hate our country... and said they might be communists. He's named the enemy. Now we can defeat it. Communism... and hatred of the United States of America. We've arrived now at the point of speaking freely about what war we're really fighting. Here we go....!

Pelosi fell into Trump's trap.

Now the Democrats must embrace the Smiling Somali and her ilk.

Polling shows that the voters view AOC as the face of party, and AOC has a 22 percent favorability rate.

The Smiling Somali has a 9 percent favorability rate.

Trump just goaded Pelosi into alienating all sane Americans.

a meeting with TV anchors prior to the State of the Union, Feb. 5, 2019.

@janis @Lisa22 Perfect description. When I was a lib Dem, I loved seeing him with Jon Stewart. I thought they were hilarious. Now he revolts me.

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