1. A lot of times, mostly in the morning while I drink my coffee and catch up here, I think about all the things happening now that would never have happened if Trump had stayed in office. In one of his last speeches he referred to LUCK and said it was a really important word. He knew what was coming, and had he stayed nothing would have changed.
His motto: Always get even. When somebody screws you, screw them back in spades. Before he boarded AF1 on Jan 20th, he flicked the first domino.

Biden would have never been exposed as the truly senile and deteriorating man that he is. He would have never had the chance to show his true colors...the same colors he wore for nearly 50 years in politics.
So many eyes are opening, but some never will. But! He’s done, and not done, so many things contrary to what he campaigned on. One of the best parts of his failures is that he’s bringing other dem politicians down with his spiral into failure. Free fall...

Voting irregularities have more of a platform to be exposed on. The evidence that is slowly being brought to the surface is not what the people wanted. They wanted a big BOOM (thanks to Q ) of huge proportions...and they wanted it IMMEDIATELY.
There would have been mass chaos. More riots...extra fiery and extra “peaceful”. But with this slow and very controlled drip, state legislators are able to take time to figure out where the systems holes are, and patch them up correctly.

The nursing home mass murders would have never had the chance to be exposed. No one would have listened and Trump would have continued to be at fault.
With covid being manipulated to continue to scare people, I don’t think people would be bucking the system like they are now. Governors would not be falling at the rate they are because Trump would still be being used as the big distraction from the shady business.

The sex scandals would have no room to grow. The true and unbelievable amount pedophelia would continue to be hidden. Groups like The Lincoln Project would never be exposed. Evil would abound because, once again, the constant barrage of unnecessary drama made up about Trump would distract away from the truth.
I do believe that the saving of children would have continued, but now there’s even more opportunity for the public to see the true depth of how deep it goes.

The dems would never have the need to eat each other alive. They would have grown stronger and more powerful to their supporters. Riots would have been out of control and more people would be dead.
Now though, they are turning on one another...opposing their comrades...clawing faces...gnashing of teeth. Eight moderate Democrats felt safe enough to vote against their own team. They are unhappy with Biden because they have lost lost power that they thought they would gain.


There’s so much more that I could sit here for days typing. It’s really is. Our human desire for instant gratification is so blinding.
Slow and steady wins the race. Trump never needed to stay in the White House to be in control...he still is. He has his betrayers strung up by their balls and there’s nothing they can do about it.
He’s a genius on levels that no one can comprehend, especially those uninformed voters he loves so much.
Trust him, and let the dominoes fall. End

***One more note***
January 6th would have never happened. Think about that for a bit. Nancy would have never gotten tangled up, and our true Republican rockstars in Congress would have never shined so bright.


They leaned WAY in to dance with Trump assuming he would be bullish, stand his ground, and complete the A-frame for them.

How brilliant to suddenly let go, step back, and let them fall.

When their every move centered around NOT TRUMP, all they had left for a platform when he "stepped aside" was COMPLETELY INSANE.

And they couldn't even make good on that.

@StevenDouglas there’s nothing left for them. I’d say it’s sad in a way, but it’s not. All eyes off Trump and now all eyes on the scum.

@Analysis_Paralysis @StevenDouglas

The Left thinks they have achieved total victory because they (appear) to control everything. But as we have seen with the Blue Cities and Blue States, when the Left has control...things go wrong in a big way fairly quickly. Citizens are now awake and getting a hard lesson in civics. This may be a necessary waypoint on the way to restored, Constitutional governance.

@Analysis_Paralysis @StevenDouglas

Big Tech companies are vulnerable to changes that their industry is known for. Large, wealthy, yet fragile. Just think back to what Yahoo! was circa 1998 compared to today.

@Analysis_Paralysis @StevenDouglas

Big Government?

It may be massive, intrusive, and oppressive...but it is broken and unworkable. This has been evident to anybody who has been alive and awake since the 1970s.

@Analysis_Paralysis @StevenDouglas

Big Biz made their deal with the woke because many of my generation (X) who drank the poison SJW Kool-Aid in college now are in positions of power. That said, how many of their consumers are loyal to them? How many upstarts are viable now to replace the Legacy players.

@Analysis_Paralysis @StevenDouglas

In a way, the Left controls everything but really has no control. I've said before if communists in Eastern Europe weren't willing to die for it in 1989, our current generation certainly won't. How it goes though, I haven't a clue. Just as 1989 was unexpected and fast, so too may the events of 2021.

@StevenDouglas @Analysis_Paralysis

As insane as they are, even the pathologically insane have a kill switch when they reach the end. They either off themselves, off innocent people...or both. Who is behind the scenes choreographing this shit show. Pulling the marionette strings of these political “leaders”. No show ever ends without a grand finale. What diabolical evil is being extinguished behind the scenes.

@LibertyBelle1 @StevenDouglas think back to when people were jumping out of windows not too long ago. They couldn’t handle the pressure.

@Analysis_Paralysis @StevenDouglas

Puppets will jump to escape a worse fate. I was alluding to who owns the puppet. The enemy behind the curtain hell bent on world dominance. They don’t jump out out of windows...unfortunately.

@StevenDouglas you and I, and many others, follow along with Wictor. We know HOW Trump knows what happened with the election. Everything he did, step by step, resulted in the most complex behind the scenes mission in modern history. There is irrefutable evidence made up of dots that only a few people have the ability to connect on a civilian level. The full operation may never be exposed, but in time the public will see what we’ve had the privilege of stringing together.

@Analysis_Paralysis @StevenDouglas
Not disagreeing with any of this but what I'm seeing unfolding now is an all out coup hell bent to destroy the Republic. Doesn't seem we can wait out the next election.

@ChaplainEric @StevenDouglas
I am sure a lot of people see it that way, but I don’t personally. I trust Donald Trump. He’s not God so don’t get me wrong, but I truly believe that he loves this country and would never let it be destroyed. He’s not going to save us, but he will see how long we can doggy paddle before he feels like it’s time to come back.

@Analysis_Paralysis @ChaplainEric @StevenDouglas

I don’t believe Trump has any intention or desire to “save us”.

Go back and listen to his campaign speeches, more so his inauguration address. It seems to me as if his understanding of his role is as an “enabler”. He repeatedly told us his efforts would be to promote a restoration of self governance, and all of the benefits and RESPONSIBILITIES that come with it.

@SRK @ChaplainEric @StevenDouglas exactly. He showed those who were willing to see. He practically handed out the tools because he knows that real Americans have the fight inside of them to do the work. He will come back to help in the event that our honest efforts aren’t enough to save ourselves. But as long as we do everything we can within our power to rebuild this Republic, he will watch us ride without training wheels for the first time.

@WiseNana @ChaplainEric @StevenDouglas this HR1 isn’t going to go through like everything else does. It won’t follow the same path because it requires more than 50/51.

@Analysis_Paralysis @WiseNana @StevenDouglas
Just read the House just passed the gun control bill... Epoch Times. They obviously could care less about infringement.

@bbBlakeney58 I guess I ponder the best when I drink my coffee in the morning. 😊

@Analysis_Paralysis This too is my first morning stop to read with coffee. I agree with all you said here. It had to be this way to expose them. No more cover or distraction to hide behind. And the slow realization of the people is healthier. As side note, the cancel culture is adding to the rapid delusion -ment with the party with the attack on Dr Suess and cartoon characters.


Found it in your profile, but not when I expand your thread. Could just be on my feed.

And I agree Trump still POTUS would not allow the light to shine on all the other shenanigans.

@Analysis_Paralysis Insightful thread. Thank you. We're all learning from Trump. He's a once in a species phenomenon.


Great informative thread.

Many only learn the hard way- not by what they are told. Experiencing and seeing the destruction wrought by this admin and Dems everywhere, IS the only way to wake up the masses.


Solid analysis and observation on your part!

What I am wondering about though is what is the end game for all this? If there is devolution and the various CONPLANs are operational, how long will the Nation be in this state? My thinking is .mil doesn't want to run the country one day more than necessary. With the clown show we are witnessing now, I don't see things continuing on this trajectory for much longer.

That said, nobody outside of the devolution staff knows.

@DougAdamavich that’s what I find so exciting about this. It’s the first time in my life that I don’t have an extreme desire to know. That goes totally against my personality, so the amount of patience I feel is astonishing.
Donald Trump loves this country and I don’t think many people know just how much he does. He loves the American people and sees so much potential for greatness in each one of us.
I trust him to know the exact time he needs to end it all, but he’s waiting on us.


As I have aged and obtained (painful) experience, my need to know decreases. Of course I *want* to know but I can put that aside. Working in my sector has also taught me that most sensitive conversations are best confined between the four walls. Keep it all within the building and be able to leave it behind. Nobody else needs to know, and that is ok. In the end, it is better I think.


People are waking up, which is a necessary step in making a change. For too long, the Progressives have spoken soothing lies and a lot of folks bought it. The Media sold it, Education taught it, and Government enforced it. But now, the truth is leaking out...sometimes slowly but it is undeniable.

The truth is there are a lot of lies that need to be exposed but it all has to be done carefully lest there be excessive damage. "Hold fast" as sailors used to say.

I too could write on this same subject for days! It becomes more obvious as the days go by the power that Trump actually holds. The fact that the Left is still trying to take him down speaks volumes. Trump is not only a genius but he is extremely patient. He spent 4 years setting the stage. Finding out who was loyal and who wasn't. Now is when the show will begin. I have the popcorn popped and cold beer on hand because I cannot wait for it to unfold!

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