BREAKING: Michigan and Ohio have introduced legislation to ban critical race theory indoctrination in public schools. The bills would prohibit schools from compelling children to believe in race essentialism, collective guilt, and racial superiority theory.

I don't expect Trump to reveal everything, due to the fact that we can't let our foreign and domestic enemies know exactly how they were defeated.

Because defeated they were.

Beaten like rented mules.

Beaten like Hamas.

Yes, people tell us that we're "fucktards" for thinking that things arehappening behind the scenes, but these are surface skaters.

If THEY can't see it, that means nothing's happening.

Clandestine and covert warfare don't exist, as we all know.

I’m a new contractor...7 weeks in to my only experience in the mortgage industry. If you have previously read about my job situation, you know that I recently outperformed my coworker. He had been on the team for 1.5 years and was transferred to another team almost 2 weeks ago. Not my intention at all.
It’s happening again with his replacement...she’s not gonna make it much longer...I’ll be surprised if she makes it through next week. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Hey... I’m ready to be hired now...

You DON'T KNOW if he'll have to win another election, so you're not in a position to criticize others for having their own opinions.

Fraudulent elections have real-world constitutional and legal consequences.

Some people shrug their shoulders and move on to the next election, while others EXPLOIT those constitutional and legal consequences, even if nobody has ever done so before.

My guess is you're getting blocked because of your belligerence.

If you don't want to get blocked...


What are they supposed to "put up" on?

If they're not willing to make stupid bets with you, that makes them "fucktards"?

Another FACT--a truism, actually--is that the people who have the strongest opinions about Trump have never bothered to research him.

I'm sure that YOU have bothered to research him.

Therefore you making a prediction is no different than others making a prediction.

You're calling them fucktards for doing the same thing you do.

George Papadopoulos

Now that it has been confirmed that COVID emerged out of the Wuhan lab in China, the Chinese military is not responding to our Secretary of Defense’s calls. Be prepared.

Great news! The medical fund for Steven Douglas Lawrence is now over the 16k mark! An anonymous donor pushed it over that mark.

@StevenDouglas Hey sir.

Im so sorry for this loss, having you talked about him and the situation. I pray that you and your fam keep close the great memories with him. As you told once, they never leave us, not really.

I’m going to stop waiting for Donald Trump to do something. Do I think he has our best interest at heart? Yes. But do I think he’s going to announce some miracle or make some magic move anytime soon? No. I think so many people worship him now...whether they are aware of it or not...I don’t know. It’s unhealthy at this point (IMHO).
The best is coming...but it’s not going to be delivered to us.
Don’t let go of hopes and dreams, but let go of anything political that’s dragging you down. ❤️

I’m going to unfollow Jim Jordan. He’s a great advocate for the people of Ohio...I don’t doubt that...but he’s unbelievably negative on Facebook. The fact is that anyone who knows who Jim Jordan is, also knows the truth of our situation. It’s my opinion that politicians need to communicate with citizens about what can be done on a local level to fix problems...not just post all day about the constant and obvious negativity.

I’m unsubscribing from the Epoch Times. I know that they try to be newsworthy and honest, but I’m getting multiple emails a day that sound like nothing more than clickbait stories.
Maybe they have more substantial information on their website or something, but the emails gotta go!

I’m starting to become irritated with some “political” things...and I plan to put a stop to them today.
First I’m blocking any more texts from Trump’s new fundraising campaign. I signed up to be a founding member...small monthly donation...but definitely putting a stop to the(what I consider to be) immature and money-begging SMS that just don’t stop.
Is he even running to be president again?

She's making lists instead of making a difference, on her knees instead of standing tall or standing for something of value... stupid is just the beginning of the issues standing in her way... and what life experiences does she have that make her climb of shame anything worthy of credit or copying... when she's done with this gig maybe Santa can use a list maker in his toy shop provided Mrs Claws can varify she's been fixed and declawed...

@timr @Clayrjr @Moleena

People are forgetting that many American institutions still stand. The president, federal government and Congress are not all powerful

In a sense, winning was arguably one of the worst outcomes for the Democrats. Losing and mounting a media narrative that Trump stole the 2020 election would have been pretty good for them.

Now they are tempted to abuse their power in a myriad of ways, each of which exposes them to restraint by the rest of the system.

@Clayrjr @Moleena

A bit much, Jack.

The election was stolen at the state level, with the collusion of the media on and after election day.

No President has the ability to interfere with state election legislation. Fortunately.

If that was allowed, the current Phantasm/Gorgon cabal would be imposing their own leftist policies in every state.

That really would be the end of the US. But it won't and cannot happen.

Your anger at Trump regarding that issue is misplaced

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