Tales from Commiefornia; Burbank Edition.

Sounding like a broken record but just rebutting those that think mask hysteria is subsiding in blue enclaves, even after we *KNOW* that THREE doses of the "vaccine" doesn't do dick, I'm here to refute those claims. On Dec. 8th I wrote about a middle aged man who called me an "asshat" and complained loudly to the cashier and those in line about "the nerve" of not wearing a face diaper. Well, he was there again while I was in line this time. Cont'


He spotted me and shook his head, as he passed by me, he muttered "monster". I pretended not to hear him. I was 3 back in line so he was circling around, desperate for me to spot him, itching for a confrontation so I made it a point not to make eye contact. When my mother in front of me was checking out, I was loading my groceries on the conveyer belt, he was in the next lane, the self-checkout and LOUDLY said, "I'm not going there next to that maskless idiot".


SO virtuous, SO righteous. I didn't turn around & give him the satisfaction.

This is a twofer. The cashier who always gives me problems, I went to her line only because it was shorter but she said, "You can't be in my line without a mask, pulled all the way up". As I turned to get in the other line, I heard her say, "I have to protect myself". I shouted, "from what? my high blood pressure? you won't catch it, I promise".

The paranoid neurotics are alive & well in Burbank


Maskmania in the Bay Area is for the most part utterly complete, and has been for some time.

Even for a brief period when the mandate was partially lifted, the wearing of covidian hijabs continued unabated.

The sole exception I have seen was at the local 7-11, where clerks at first sported masks under the nose, but lately have done away with the ruse altogether.


CA face diaper mandate was lifed June 15th, 2021 & resumed, what was it, two weeks later? I, however, left my 'covidian hijab' off unless made to put it on. I'm the ONLY person in the entire market that strolls around breathing freely. 7-8 months ago, I watched for anyone looking for an argument & other than the one Vons checker & now this guy I've run into twice, no one says anything & I'm not really looking around to see who's "indignant" that I choose to live normally.

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