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We will find out after the full Appeals Court hands down their ruling, provided it does not have to go to SCOTUS.

If it does, then we really get to find out what side Roberts wipes himself.

You can place very favorable odds that both @SidneyPowell and @GenFlynn know if it live or if it is Memorex.

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Being Libertarian

Barely noticeable in the bottom of this photo is FDNY's Ladder 118 on their way to the Twin Towers. Every single man on that Truck died trying to rescue people that day.

2020 “heroes” vandalize their monuments.

11:31 AM · Jul 10, 2020

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@SidneyPowell is still working oher answer to Wilkinson's brain fart to the Appellate Court.

Though Sullivan has NO STANDING and NO RIGHT to request an "en banc", it still requires an answer.

The court of course could always decide Sua Sponte.

In the meantime, Sullivan is in contempt of the Court's order.

Will somebody have the balls to call him on it?

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Re Mary Trump, How low of a person are you, how desperate are you for $$$, that you write a negative book about a family member? Did you think how that book might affect other family members? Lowlife = Mary Trump

Her Karma is going to destroy her. She is the lowest of low.

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Donald J. Trump

....Absentee Ballots are fine because you have to go through a precise process to get your voting privilege. Not so with Mail-Ins. Rigged Election!!! 20% fraudulent ballots?

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Brian Cates thread:

There it is. Sullivan asks for en banc review of the 3 judge panel's decision.

Fine with me. He's given Jensen a few more weeks to dig up more stuff and give to Powell.

We're waiting RIGHT NOW for the unsealing of the 14 documents Jensen gave Powell on Monday.

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Democrat AOC leads her Hate America low life, goons in chasing after Goya Foods, CEO, Robert Unanue for praising Trump yesterday at the White House. Big Mistake AOC...dummy that you are!!! Wife & I went out this very morning and bought a bunch of Goya Food Products and will continue to do so to support this CEO and his great company. Boss.. Unanue, we the overwhelming number of Americans of all stripes have your back...SIR!!! God bless POTUS, Trump, You Sir, and all Americans!!!

The more I hear about these mail-in ballots the more I fear the election results.

I heard today on the radio that mail-in ballot envelopes in New Jersey have on the back of them "Republican" or "Democrat."

How easy it will be for them to win by voter fraud?

Is there enough time to stop the fraud?

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Jul 6
Replying to

and 3 others
Rehabilitation center in Bronx was charging a patient 9 thousand she said she couldn’t afford it they said well we can list you as covid and your bill will be 0. Such fraud going on in NY

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The assumption that every other politician is exposed to the same risk has to be true.

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Now consider who else is now at risk for the same colonoscopy?

Every elected and public official is now exposed for the same.

How many have already been identified and their public corruption and laundering of money been discovered and documented by Trump's private security and intel guys?

Every return ever exposed of Trump's has been clean. Squeaky clean.

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The IRGC missile depot was attacked in the west of Tehran and was completely destroyed.

Will they accept the petition? If Sullivan is removed, who draws the Flynn case? Does it get dragged out even further?

Just in case it was not clear...Sullivan is NOT a party to the Petition for Mandamus proceeding.

This is enough to warrant his removal.

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Techno Fog
Flynn update:

Judge Sullivan refuses to give up - and asks the DC Circuit for a rehearing (en banc) on the dismissal of the Flynn case.

Allegation: the DC Circuit granting of mandamus "threatens the orderly administration of justice."

Full doc:

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There is no doubt she'll be in the House.

It is up to us whether she is a defanged viper or not.

Looking forward to Speaker McCarthy.

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Opinion: Why is painting over a BLM sign a hate crime but these 5 vicious assaults are not?

A white California couple has been charged with a hate crime for painting over a "Black Lives Matter" street mural.

They face up to a year in jail if convicted.

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