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QV hitting the big time, courtesy of George Papadopoulos.

One toot at a time.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

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Israeli media reporting that fuel transfer into the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing has been halted due to ongoing incendiary/IED balloon launches from Gaza into southern Israel - "until further notice".

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You know the new U.S. sanctions targeting the regime in will be damning & very effective when you see two die-hard Obama loyalists, Ben Rhodes & Colin Kahl, rush to the support of Tehran's chief propagandist Mohammad Javad Zarif.

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You know the new U.S. sanctions targeting the regime in will be damning & very effective when you see Tehran's chief lobbyist, @tparsi, becoming so worried about the future that he can't even spell the name of his boss right.




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Project Veritas

If you're in big tech and you would like to like our @Google insider -- you can reach out to Project Veritas here:

Yesterday, two NY State laborers' union members told me their bosses told them they had to vote for Hillary. They said, "Sure, ok" and then voted for Trump.

There's still a strong silent majority that will remain silent until 2020. My worry is voter fraud in PA, NYC, CT, NJ, FL, CA. Trump votes need to outnumber the fraudulent votes.

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Obama failed, and everything he and his lackeys are currently trying will also fail.

But it's sickening to watch, isn't it?


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Horrible if this is true!!
DHS Secretary Deliberately Sabotaged ICE Raids, Endangered Officers’ Lives.his week’s big leak about a major Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation was orchestrated by acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan in an effort to sabotage the raids before they were scheduled to take place, according to three current and two former senior administration officials.

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Welcome aboard!

@ThomasWic has a tutorial pinned to his feed, just click on his name.

Also, @UncleBill has a couple youtube videos I found helpful when I first got here.

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Since James O'Keefe's Project Veritas broke the latest Google story over the weekend, they're now reporting they've had a few more insiders contact them this morning wanting to go public.

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Secretary Pompeo

I’m heading out today. Our first stops will be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the UAE, two great allies in the challenge that Iran presents, and we’ll be talking with them about how to make sure that we are all strategically aligned and how we can build out a global coalition.


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Hi planet!
I'm new to mastodon and quodverum, I'm sure I'll break many things as I learn.
I look forward to meeting new people and am very interested in creating an instance of my own at some point. If there is a good primer on doing this it would be greatly appreciated if someone points it out.
Not a geek on this end so it's gotta be simple! ;)
Tnx all!

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@umad80 @Debradelai @ThomasWic @DuaneCates I have made up my mind to change my mind and I am not changing my mind about it.

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@NevadaJack @masterblaster

Here's a video I stumbled on earlier of a father & son who are both in the 82nd Airborne. I think the vets on QV will enjoy this.

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Good Morning All

I know my father is rolling in his grave about AOC’s comments about Nazi Concentration Camps.
How dare she claim she knows what is and isn’t a camp and what took place there. I wish my father were alive to set her straight.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai

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Hi everyone!
Glad to be back!

Here's all the details.

And thank you for all your wonderful support!


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