A classic that my wife and I had at our wedding was 'Smack my bitch up' by Prodigy😂

My mate Ricky witnessed the Spacex splash down . 40 miles off the coast


Nicely timed with the election too.

Im expecting the peace deal with North Korea too.

@Ballerina @Scarletteverb

As long as you provide a top notch product.

Anybody want to buy a LeTourneau Drilling rig, by the way?😂


Always tell them you are stacked out, but you may be able to fit them in.
Also start charging a small cancellation fee

Announce you are raising prices due to high demand. Then offer a discount to favoured clients.
They think they are favoured...they will pay


I used to cold smoke mine for four hrs after a dry cure of 4 days in refrigirator.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Jaime @Debradelai

Business Development and Marketing for Keppel LeTourneau.

Smashing the competition and grinding my enemies underfoot, Raping the horses and riding out on the women!😎 To the sweet lamentations of their grandparents lolol😂

@Jaime @Debradelai

Forgive the grammar, im working 17 hr days and have a caffeine drip

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