My favourite so far is still Dubai. That place is next level. Extremely tolerant but they don't take any shit from rude or badly behaved people. It's nice to be around nice people.


This is an industrial city on the east coast. Can't do much about the Fast food I'm afraid. Arabs are already quite fat because they eat a lot of sugar and carbs. They love chocolate too

@athena12 The change here in Saudi is palpable. Female immigration officials, western fast food joints, the service in hotels by locals. This place is really trying to open up. They need to to attract the business.

Dubai is pretty awesome

Dessert safari is really good

@SpiceOfOurLife Setting up an operations base there. I'll be going back and forth quite a lot. I have a team going to Duba to work a job for a month. im off to Dammam again to meet with shipyards again.

UK is getting battered by gales and cold weather...meanwhile in middle East

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PJ Media
IF IT DOESN’T, IT MEANS THE PREFERENCE CASCADE IS UNDERWAY: ‘Will This Kill My Career?’ Actor Laurence Fox Comes Out as Pro-Trump.
by Glenn Reynolds
Meet your new favourite actor Laurence Fox, currently trending on Twitter because of his shocking appearance on BBC’s Question Time last night.

It was shocking because instead of spouting the usual leftist pabulum, Fox boldly revealed himself as an anti-woke crusader.


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