My Mum has all the symptoms. She is isolated at home with my elderly father. The NHS told her to stay there and only call for help if the symtoms become 'life threatening'.

NHS 'Envy of the world' … Wankers


Prayers for her and your dad. It's so difficult having elderly parents especially right now. I'll pray for you, too.


Is your mom in the U.K.?

I’m wondering about the availability of the zith and hydroxychloroquine

My cousin just moved from Epsom to Scotland and she was worried about my aunt in Aberdeen and other elderly family members in England and Scotland. She doesn’t know if the clinics have the meds.


UK born n Bred. They are totally over run in the NHS. Supermarkets look like Venezuela ones.


Oh, no, that awful.

My cousin just moved to Lenzie, northeast of Glasgow, and she and my aunt in Aberdeen seem to be doing well, life as usual except for less socializing.


Some of my family originated from Aberdeen, I worked out of there on oil rigs too.

A depressingly grey place. But nice countryside surrounding it.


I don’t know how my aunt can stand it as she’s from the south near Dumfries but, yes, photos of the countryside and whatever beach she walks along are beautiful.


Hi Maggie, Thank you for asking.
She had to phone the 111 system to describe her symptoms to the NHS, No doctors visit and no test. They think she may have it and told her to stay home and self monitor. She has ups and downs at the moment.


I hope she stays strong and fights through this without any serious symptoms.

Many experience this as an inconvenient flu with mild symptoms. May your Mom be of that group.

@Lisa22 @MaggieMoore

In the UK even if you have private medical insurance (Which she has) If it is a new case and not pre existing you must first be referred by an NHS doctor. You cannot just walk into your private practice as they are governed by law.

All must bow at the alter of NHS.

@Almighty @Lisa22

We are thisclose to the same system here in the U.S.

Only PDJT stands in the way.

@MaggieMoore @Almighty

Well, we WERE. But luckily for us, Trump won...and the Democrat system is being torn down moment by moment :)

@Almighty @MaggieMoore

Wow! Okay, try this: have a talk with her doctor and ask to stay outside her door while she makes a call for a referral. My friend got an odd look from the doctor, but it worked.

@Almighty Hope they mend soon. I got the virus and recovered without meds. I don't know if it's possible for them to find, but zinc tablets and turmeric helped me kick it.

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