This working remotely thing is a disaster!

1. I have to make my own coffee
2 I have nobody to take the piss out of
3. Office pranks are not funny when i have to do them on myself then act surprised

@Almighty Ah, you're a newbie, it'll get better. I've been working from home 10 yrs. I could never go back to sitting in a cube and being around all those drama filled people.

@DonnaLea @Almighty

Amen! I worked from home for almost 20 years. Agree about sitting in a cubical with far too much drama on their hands.

@2020_DJT I love my little world. I have a work desk and computer beside my personal desk and computer. The 2 shall never meet 😉 A few years ago I bought a standing Veri-desk that was a big plus. @Almighty

@2020_DJT I do have to go into the office 2 days a quarter but that's ok. The office is 20 minutes from my parents home so I get to visit them (gotta start saying, visit Mom) Plus work pays for my mileage, internet and phone. I'm living high on the hog. @Almighty


Two days a quarter isn't bad at all. Mileage, internet, and phone?! You ARE living high on the hog! Good for you!

@2020_DJT And to top it all off, I'm retiring in 35 months! I have a countdown chart on my bulletin board.

@DonnaLea I retired at 62. At first, I was kind of lost. It didn't take long and I discovered all kinds of things I wanted to do.
I also get to nap when I want! Hahaha!

@2020_DJT Another perk from working from home. Naps! I take one on occasion. I get an hour lunch so I set my alarm and nap for a good 50 mins.


How long before you started dancing around in your underwear while on conference calls?

Or is that just me?

@ilumanous I'm home alone the majority of most days, so yea, I have to entertain myself. 💃 @Almighty

@DonnaLea @Almighty

I have to have clothes on when I dance. I only dance when my grandkids are here and we crank up the music.

But I sing all the time. Even in the shower.

@DonnaLea @ilumanous @Almighty

Have been working from home almost the past year running my medical device development and regulatory affairs/FDA consultancy. Love it. Cannot tell you how often am on Zoom Meeting videoconferencing with clients and regulatory authorities in a blouse, suit jacket, pearls, hair and make-up done... in jammy pants and barefoot.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @DonnaLea @Almighty

If this was a females only platform I would give you my in home dress code. 😜 👍

@ilumanous @Almighty @DonnaLea

😁 Well he learned about a good train romp from Rebecca De Mornay, so the guy did not do too bad overall.

@Almighty Not just you & it didn't take me long. Some days I don't get dressed until late afternoon. I don't see anyone from 6:30 am until around 3:30pm. Who am I going to get dressed up for?

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