I was in Afghanistan in 2002. I supplied the power to the first Loya Jirga. This was the first meeting of all the tribal leaders after the Taliban were beaten down.

The opposition to Hamid Khazi kept trying to sabotage the his televised speeches. They kept turning off the power every time he was due to speak

So I was tasked with setting up a power supply and making sure nobody could mess with it

I was successful, and for this I was awarded a QCVS (Queens Commendation for Valuable Service)

That was the write up from all of my superiors

Sounds impressive but thats just for the benefit of the awards office.


All I did was post a guard on the generator, superglued the trips in the on position, padlock the distribution box's and threaten to shoot any fucker that went near them LOL


That’s glowing report and deserves congratulations. Something tells me that you’re being too modest!

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