Corona hotspots outside of London are.

Sheffield, Slough and Birmingham.

Reason could be, these places have a large Asian population who tend to live in large numbers in small houses. Also they all kept going to worship long after asked not to.

Watch what happens now. I predict the UAE Government will pounce on this and save the day.

Naif Souk in Dubai is reportedly the hotspot for all infection cases here in Dubai. A warning just came from a member of our team who knows people there.

I think one outcome of all this is going to be people being more fiscally responsible and saving for a rainy day.

My Mum has all the symptoms. She is isolated at home with my elderly father. The NHS told her to stay there and only call for help if the symtoms become 'life threatening'.

NHS 'Envy of the world' … Wankers

Went to the shop after my shift\...nothing left on the shelves apart from 'crab paste'.

It tasted awful, first thing tomorrow im taking it back to the pharmacy where I got it

The guy who wrote that song 'Imagine' should be shot...

Can't stand celebrities

Dubai health system: If you show symptoms, come in, we will test and treat you free of charge.

UK social health care : fuck off you peasant!

This working remotely thing is a disaster!

1. I have to make my own coffee
2 I have nobody to take the piss out of
3. Office pranks are not funny when i have to do them on myself then act surprised

evolution is not 'survival of the fittest'

Evolution is 'survival of those more willing to adapt'

I like that saying

The most dangerous factor about this virus is stupid peoples reaction to it.

So here in my hotel in Dubai, They have shut down the pool, jacuzzi, steam room and massage parlour...

I swear they are doing it just to piss me off.

@watspn1013 I can barely do the one on the right! let alone the acrobats on the left

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