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IF IT DOESN’T, IT MEANS THE PREFERENCE CASCADE IS UNDERWAY: ‘Will This Kill My Career?’ Actor Laurence Fox Comes Out as Pro-Trump.
by Glenn Reynolds
Meet your new favourite actor Laurence Fox, currently trending on Twitter because of his shocking appearance on BBC’s Question Time last night.

It was shocking because instead of spouting the usual leftist pabulum, Fox boldly revealed himself as an anti-woke crusader.

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The manager who was facing me exclaimed 'What?! He is not fat, he is a well honed man'
Kidding on that she had called me fat. She was mortified and he was smiling and winked at me..

'I played along and in faux outrage'

Started doing my super hero stance and puffing my chest out, poor girl couldn't look me in the eye as she took my neck measurement.

The level of service out here is a step beyond. It goes a really long way too.


I love the sense of humour of people here in the UAE.

I went into a shop yesterday to buy some shirts as there is a deal on.

The shop assistant looked at me and went to speak to the manager. she said something like 'I need a shirt for this big guy

I was right behind her and thought nothing of it... Its true after all....

Driving across the Emirates for the first time. The best of CCR playing on the stereo. Sun shining, All hopped up on coffee with a smile on my face.

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May as well have taken a shot of amphetamine 😂

If I was a Milwaukee cop right now... My time would be being spent on the heavy bag and the range honing my skillz and getting ready to break some Pantifa jaws. 😂

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@Almighty I like him a first reaction was him having to (literally) sit in her seat 😂 i could have expounded on my comment,rofl I wondered if he had a can of lysol

What a completely asinine analogy,

She does realise that heat dissipates right? That its cumulative?

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@CecilScribe @awfulangel @umad80

There are six Senators vulnerable to Republican rejection. Collins, McSally, Tillis, Gardner, Ernst and Peters, for sarters.

There is also an open seat in Georgia.

Dimms need a net gain of four to make "Scummer" the Majority leader.

Time to wake up.

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General Flynn has moved to withdraw his guilty plea due to the "government's bad faith, vindictiveness, and breach of the plea agreement.""

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