Lucky break by Jason Bantle

A raccoon pokes her face out of a 1970s Ford Pinto on a deserted farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. In the back seat, her five playful kits trill with excitement. It was a sentiment shared by Jason, waiting silently in a nearby hide, who had been hoping for this chance every summer for several years.

The gap was blunt‑edged but too narrow a fit for coyote (primary predator of raccoons in the area), making this an ideal place to raise a family.


Touching trust by Thomas P Peschak

A curious young grey whale approaches a pair of hands reaching down from a tourist boat. In San Ignacio Lagoon, on the coast of Mexico's Baja California, baby grey whales and their mothers actively seek contact with people for a head scratch or back rub. The lagoon is one of three that comprise a grey whale nursery and sanctuary...

many females actively encourage calves to interact with people.

Wildlife Photographer of Year Contest

Big cat and dog spat by Peter Haygarth

South Africa: The leading dogs came across the big cat. At first, the dogs were wary, but as the rest of the 12-strong pack arrived, confidence grew, and they began to encircle the cat, chirping with excitement.

The elderly cheetah hissed, lunged back at the mob, his left ear tattered, the right one pinned back in the ruckus. As dust flew in the morning light, Peter kept his focus on the cat's face. In a few minutes the spat was over as the cheetah fled.

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