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Adam Schiff “acted in concert” with Politico to leak allegedly false information from the impeachment inquiry as part of a “scheme” to advance the “inquisition” against Trump, according to an explosive defamation lawsuit filed by a White House official.
White House Official Sues Politico: ‘Conspired with Schiff’ to Leak False Info to ‘Further Impeachment Inquisition’ via @BreitbartNews

Leaked X-Ray of President Trump From His Annual Physical At Walter Reed recently.

Eric Ciaramella may have had contacts with Vindman over Trump's call to Zelensky.

This should indicate that this was a partisan attack on Trump this "whistle blower" affair.

Atlanta's mayor joins the list of crooked mayors.

She dipped into funds set aside by the city for police vehicles and bought herself two GMC Denalis without authorization.

When President Trump got Biden to admit he's in favor of prosecuting troops for doing their jobs:

Joe Biden

Trump's intervention in the military justice system to pardon troops accused/convicted of war crimes betrays the rule of law, the values that make our country exceptional & those who wear the uniform honorably. He is not fit to command our troops.

Somebody tell Joe that he can't "betray the rule of law" by exercising his Constitutional power to pardon.

"The process is whatever Schiff decides for that particular day. This is the equivalent of the person who accuses you of a crime deciding on who the witnesses are, what order they will testify, how much they will be allowed to testify, & who will be allowed to ask questions."

@Lonestar @NevadaJack
Let's discuss the Obama ROE in detail? Then let's discuss how many American patriots Zero's ROE got killed & injured for life.
Then let's discuss Benghazi, Extortion 17 & Seal Team 6 for starters & then move on to how Zero depleted the US military while they were fighting a protracted war.

These soldiers were railroaded by ass-kissing Obama officers out to climb in rank. Yes, let's have that discussion in detail immediately. Comments anyone?

Mad drunk Nancy Pelosi is another example.

An utter loon, corrupt as hell, trying to get rid of Trump to cover up her own crimes.

Screw these people. They're just so corrupt, such slimebags. Awful. The worst politicians in US history.

Hang em high

Trump to Release List of Sexual Predators in Congress

"It’s almost hard to believe that members of Congress had the chutzpah to establish a secret fund, paid for by taxpayers, to silence the victims of their unwanted sexual demands.

Seventeen and a quarter million dollars were spent to hide the sexual peccadillos – including rape – in 264 reported incidents. How many more attacks went unreported? Payments averaged $65,306 per assault. ..."

@IndiaMaria @Loopycann

👍 I am fine with Barr, Durham, Huber and POTUS taking down anybody corrupt and seditious in a 360 degree trajectory. Let the cards fall where they will. It's time.

@IndiaMaria @holymolyrocky 1000 legislative seats, the house in 2010, the senate in 2014, GOP governorships in the deepest of blue states, the entire blue wall, SCOTUS, and best of all, he gave us POTUS Donald J Trump

Thanks obama

Apparently, a commissioned US Army officer cannot be trusted to assist the Commander-in-Chief & respect the confidentiality of the Oval Office. If Vindman had violated command confidentiality in a combat zone, he might have been court martialed – or fragged

Where's Eric ?

@DevinNunes: "Democrats don't want public to know origins of Ukraine probe like they didn't want public to know origins of Russia probe ⁦@ByronYork⁩"

That the president – yeah, he’s our president & he’s going to keep being our president for five more long years – refuses to submit to the bureaucrats of the ruling caste on foreign policy is not a bug. It’s a feature – the feature that closed the sale.

Glen Beck-Documents-The Obama Administration has been working IN TANDEM with George Soros, supporting his NGOs, going all the way back to the months leading up to the Ukrainian Coup in 2014. In 2013, just before the coup, Soros' International Renaissance Foundation was their primary financier, but the U.S. Embassy was also strangely giving them money.

Link: (Go to finances and mouse over 2013, notice IRS and US Embassy.)

Rep Andy Biggs
Democrats once were rumored to have plans to impeach

by Thanksgiving.

Then Christmas.

Now after the New Year?

It’s becoming clear that it’s very difficult to impeach a President when the facts aren’t on your side.

BenTallmadge (@BenKTallmadge) Tweeted:

Former US President's brother Neil Bush implicated in cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme

Neil had been paid $300,000 to attend a meeting with ‘Cryptoqueen’ Ruja Ignatova, head of OneCoin In HK for a deal with a firm he has tie with.

H/t ⁦@Avery1776⁩

The Congress woman @EliseSteffanik is one targeted lady now by the bad mouthing left. She is a great orator and has the passion we need in the house.

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