Now you see why Soros spent so much money on local DA's. over the years.
If the DA opposed the Dem. mayors in these Dem. riot cities and enforced the law rioters, agitators and backers would be in jail.
Now in multiple cities you have leftist mayors, city councils, and Leftist DA's.
A Commie progressive trifecta.

@SunshineSt8Sam: "YUGE:

This is @realDonaldTrump’s 34th day in a row of having his approval at or above 45%. With his 49% approval rating today, he is outperforming Obama by 6 points at this point in 2012.

The result of Promises Made. Promises Kept."


(H/T @drawandstrike RT )

Judge Millett is redeeming herself in my eyes. She’s pointing out the unfairness of keeping General Flynn tied up in a case when the charges have been dropped by the government.

Sullivan’s lawyer Wilkinson seems to think it’s not too bad for Gen. Flynn since it’s not like he’s imprisoned.

"We stand with Jimmy Lai and his sons and colleagues, and call on Beijing to repeal the national security law and restore Hong Kong’s rule of law immediately."


Statement by National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien | The White House


This confirms my theory the whole point of this fucking circus is to keep Flynn bound by the gag order until after the election.

The dumb shits can't even comprehend all of that was already downloaded and debriefed before the 2016 election.

Gettysburg is not a symbol of White supremacy and no one with a functioning brain has ever been stupid enough to make such a claim.

In Mr. Reiner's case I wonder if he has ever been there.

I seriously doubt it.

I encourage everyone to visit there and just walk around. You will experience something profound..

It is a solemn place and it will have an affect on you.

Brian Cates threads


I keep telling people...they CANNOT keep this up for 84 more days.

The cracks started showing LONG AGO.

The lockdowns are ending SOON. Two days ago Pres Trump SLAMMED THE DOOR SHUT on natl mail in voting every being part of a bill he was 'forced' to sign due to Democrats holding the relief hostage until he gave in.

Now their only recourse is to SUE. LOL. All they have left is useless posturing.


Lin Wood

Hey, Jack, when you suppress accounts reporting pedophilia, you create evidence supporting claim that you & @Twitter are knowingly promoting child pornography on your platform. Does @Twitter have criminal lawyer on payroll? If not, think about budgeting for one soon.

4:51 PM · Aug 10, 2020

Catturd ™

Reminder ...

Joe Biden is picking a VP solely on their gender and skin color.

That’s as racist as it gets.

7:31 AM · Aug 11, 2020

Seattle is so screwed.

Jason Rantz on KTTH Radio

"Chief Carmen Best just emailed her resignation notice to Seattle police officers."



Chicago Police Department has replaced all sirens with a blaring National Anthem in order to force suspects to stop running & take a knee.

@Sternrage we were all called the silent majority, now the hard core silent dems are called that
One of my relatives always votes dem, he waithed til the dnc called them and told biden is for sale to china, the others are all socialist so he is voting trump, said the guy hung up🤣

@masterblaster Sorry to hear this. I had a dog several years ago that had lymph gland cancer. He was such a good dog. I couldn't put him to sleep. He slept at the foot of my bed. He fought it as long as he could. But he died a peaceful death with me beside him.

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