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3) Now it would be impossible for them to write such law without outlawing elections all together. The reason being pretty much everything a candidate does while running for office is to help themselves get the “personal benefit” of being elected. It would be impossible to do that without violating such a law. It would be a contradiction.

Now let’s assume everyone ignores the obvious contradiction and the law is passed. What are the implications?

2) As far as I know no such law exists. The House Democrats just made it up.

Now let’s say after Trump get acquitted The House Democrats realize their stupidity (unlikely) and decide they need to first pass such a law through Congress before impeaching Trump a second time.


1) Little thought experiment.

The House managers argument has been that POTUS abused his power to get something of value that would give him the “personal benefit” of helping him get elected and that's a high crime worthy of impeachment.

For this argument to be right then there’s a special law applying to candidates running for elected office stating that anything they do to give them the “personal benefit” of helping them get elected is a violation of such a law.


The Democrats have already abolished the rule of law, and most people don't know it.

This is only the latest example.

Must watch interview of Jared Kushner on Fox & Friends . Talking about the Middle East Peace Proposal and other important issues. Amazing!

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@drawandstrike @REX @DuaneCates

Carter Page just filed a suit
against th he DNC, Parkins Coie and partners tied to the funding of the dossier which was used to get the surveillance warrant against him. This is the first salvo.

Remember, Jared is now in charge of getting The Wall built

--wins the 2016 election
-- wins Second Chance
-- wins USMCA
-- wins Mideast Peace Plan

The Wall is merely a Scooby snack for him...

"Hey! How's his work on IMMIGRATION/THE WALL/E-VERIFY going?



Yes, Trump will.
It's time for the world to admit what the problem is and always has been.

Take it or leave it.

This is the generous offer for a Palestinian state.

If you ask me, way too much.

Looking quickly the Trump (Kushner) peace plan for the Middle East it addresses the main concern about the actual people living in Gaza & West Bank. That main concern being travel access around the region. New highways, bridges, tunnels, etc.. It also looks to provide investments and jobs.

Of course the 'Palestine' leaders will reject it. But then they'll show they don't really care about the people they supposedly represent.

Trump will expose them.

This Don Lemon video proves my theory that progressive leftists don't care about wining or losing.

All that matters is using any chance they can to flaunt their false sense of moral and intellectual superiority.

Watch. These losers will lose election after election, their ratings will freefall, their analysis will be always flawed and their predictions disastrously wrong. It won't matter.

They will never change. Why? They're detached from reality and likely insane.

As far as the Bolton stuff remember...

The leaks are real, the news is fake.

The enemy media falls for it every time.

6) If Biden is the nominee it will be all 50 states going to Trump.

5) Addendum: IMHO this was pre planned and the whistleblower was lead by a Judas Goat.

Also because the Bidens aren't legally on trial and the Senate isn't legally a courtroom the Trump team can unmercifully pound on them without due process.

4) Doesn't seem Democrats really thought this one through.

The End

3) It would seem that the House managers would then have to argue that Biden wasn't abusing power or being corrupt with respect to Ukraine to counter that argument.

Seems Joe Biden is going to be the one on trial.

2) So if I have this right then one of the arguments from the Trump legal team would be to argue that Biden did in fact abuse his power and was involved in corruption with respect to Ukraine. I don't see how this argument isn't presented as a defense for the phone call.

1) So from an investigation of a phone call House Democrats voted in favor of articles of impeachment stating it was a corrupt abuse of power for the sitting POTUS to (supposedly) pressure a foreign leader (Ukraine) for information about the abuse of power and corruption of the previous VPOTUS (Biden) because he has a personal gain in an investigation due to the fact they may be running against each other in the next election.

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