1) Little thought experiment.

The House managers argument has been that POTUS abused his power to get something of value that would give him the “personal benefit” of helping him get elected and that's a high crime worthy of impeachment.

For this argument to be right then there’s a special law applying to candidates running for elected office stating that anything they do to give them the “personal benefit” of helping them get elected is a violation of such a law.

2) As far as I know no such law exists. The House Democrats just made it up.

Now let’s say after Trump get acquitted The House Democrats realize their stupidity (unlikely) and decide they need to first pass such a law through Congress before impeaching Trump a second time.

3) Now it would be impossible for them to write such law without outlawing elections all together. The reason being pretty much everything a candidate does while running for office is to help themselves get the “personal benefit” of being elected. It would be impossible to do that without violating such a law. It would be a contradiction.

Now let’s assume everyone ignores the obvious contradiction and the law is passed. What are the implications?

4) First anyone running for elected office could be charged with violating the law.

5) Second anyone helping the candidate get elected would be co-conspirators in committing the crime and could be charged. This could apply to doing any of the following activities involving a candidate running for election:
- Campaigning
- Fundraising
- Donating
- Posting a yard sign or bumper sticker
- Making arguments in support
- Writing articles or posting videos in support
- Reporting favourable news in support
- Of course…voting for on Election Day

6) Obviously these things won’t be outlawed in this country (I hope) and this was just a thought experiment. My intent being to get into the thought process of Democrats. They really do wish this type of law exists because without it they can’t legally stop Trump from being re-elected. They hate Trump so much they’re willing to gaslight the public into believing that freedom of expression, freedom of the press and open fair elections are all illegal activities.


7) My conclusion is Democrats are corrupt evil totalitarians and have done some really bad things they’re trying to cover up.

They must be thrown out of office ASAP before they do anymore damage to the country.

So get out and vote down ticket Republican. Restore law and order.

The End

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