Interesting read considering recent events...

"Government of Ukraine Report on Diagnostic Study of Governance Issues Pertaining to Corruption, the Business Climate and the Effectiveness of the Judiciary"

Prepared with the Assistance of the Legal Department of the International Monetary Fund

July 11, 2014

"Throughout the study, it became clear that there is widespread agreement in Ukraine that corruption is pervasive and oppressive, that the business climate is severely hampered by an over-bearing and opaque regulatory framework, and that the judiciary is ineffective in resolving commercial disputes in a consistent, timely and transparent manner."

"A recurring phrase used to summarize the overall situation was “state capture” by blocks of powerful political and economic elites that are pyramidal in structure and entrenched throughout public institutions and the economy."

"Powerful business and political cartels which are perceived effectively to
control public institutions are said to engage in abuse by manipulating the
complexity of the regulatory system to advance private interests in the name of
public policy and to defeat fair competition by erecting barriers to market entry (as
part of “state capture”).

Stakeholders stated that, while the underlying legal
framework governing market competition is generally sound, its implementation has
been challenging marred with inconsistencies and the lack of transparency.

"Many expressed concerns about the lack of a level playing field and barriers to market entry
for small and medium-sized enterprises, which are often driven by abuse of dominant
positions and collusion or anticompetitive cooperation by a small number of large-sized
firms. It was also emphasized that state-owned enterprises are often misused as vehicles
to promote interests of certain groups, thus further contributing to the monopolistic and
anticompetitive market structure in key industries. "

Sounds familiar here as well. I hope Trump knows and will fix it in next term.


I've heard EU regulations are similar. Like your country joins the EU and in a couple years Unilever takes over after every indigenous food producer folds under reams of rules from Brussels.

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