I've written many threads on SQV with only thoughtful feedback. But every time I write a thread critical of cryptocurrencies I get trolls. No useful comments just insults. I must be on to something.

Concerns that money launderers hire miners who use forking in the blockchain to manipulate the transaction history must be real.

These crooked miners are probably paid well. My guess these are the trolls.

cc: @Debradelai

@Alex_Graham @Debradelai It could be trolls certainly but a lot of blockchain devotees are VERY adverse to those they think do not understand the process. It really is a bit of a clique. Had a guy on another forum who was very devoted to mining and if we asked him questions that were a bit in left field he got nasty. I think there are many who also thought it would be god's gift to save us from the FED but it has gotten so corrupt that must sting those who have been in for a while.



The blockchain worshippers probably also all had visions of mansions and private jets from cryptocurrencies. Now that reality is setting in I'm sure they're pissed.


I can still remember my Grandpa saying "If you can't protect it by standing in front of it with a shotgun, you don't really own it."

He had to support a wife and five kids during the depression, so there's that.


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