Russia plays both sides to disrupt elections and create chaos

Russian intelligence successfully compromised the Clinton campaign

They were unsuccessful against the Trump campaign

If anything the Trump campaign should be praised for their counter intelligence abilities

Trump should also be praised for getting rid of the incompetent corrupt people in the IC who made this happen

Those in the IC who broke laws need to be held accountable.

Is it this about protecting the country or not?

My guess they're now going to finish the investigation into russian interference

There were many items redacted in the Mueller report about "on going investigations"

Those needs to be finished first.

Next will be the investigation of links or coordinating between the CLINTON campaign and Russia.

Doubt we'll find no collusion after that's finished.

My prediction: All those who insisted Trump should be investigated to "protect our democracy" are going to be saying Obama/Clinton should NOT be investigated to "protect our democracy"

Remember they're all insane on the other side of the fence and nothing is going to change that.


Trump is going to play them like a fiddle.

All will be well.



I read “conspired to”.. do you mean DNC hack?

Russian intelligence successfully compromised the Clinton campaign


There's the hacking, emails, dossiers, counter intelligence ops, etc..

As the Mueller report shows there's many investigations which have not be finished.

It's going to come out eventually.

@Alex_Graham In the end, D.C. will take care of its own. We have to clean out D.C. Trump can't do it alone, can't do it in 8 years, but he can make a dent. We have to follow thru with better choices. Too many people just vote Dem because they always have. That has to change. Changing the habits of a nation will take time.

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