2. First, the 'Justice Dems'. Where do they come from?

They're an extremist, far left creation of The Young Turks. Cenk Yogurt declared war on the establishment Dems on Nov 8, 2016 in an infamous tantrum/rant that you can find on YT.

Of course, Obama backs them. He endorsed Ocasio-Cortez. He hasn't endorsed Joe Biden. Connect the dots.

Here's some more details: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justic

"Amazing. Trump's standing up there waving his arms and attacking the Justice Squad in Congress and the media is fixated on it, the Justice D harpies play right into his hands with that stupid press conference.

Meanwhile Barr is doing THIS:"


In the relatively short time I've been here, I've noticed how some have been damaged from their experiences on other social media outlets and are somewhat *hesitant* in exercising their free speech rights. Watching them slowly realize that those rights are respected here isn't unlike seeing a newborn colt take it's first, tentative steps.

Suppose it's bittersweet because the suppression of free speech isn't SUPPOSED to be happening in the first place...

Not in OUR America anyway.

Excellent news - Trump admin announced this morning a new rule to affect southern border crossings, effective tomorrow...

"The Departments of Homeland Security and Justice released a new rule Monday under which migrants who enter the United States at the southern border are ineligible for asylum unless they sought protection in one of the countries they traveled through first."

H/T @LarrySchweikart



I told you. Strategic deception.

The plan was to trick the Democrats into putting illegal aliens ahead of Americans AGAIN.

And it worked like a charm.



If anything, he was like Whitey Bulger and provided information in exchange for being left alone to commit crimes.

But since nobody in Epstein's circle was ever arrested, the idea that he was an "asset" goes down the crapper.


Trump is saying what so many Americans are thinking.

We don't necessarily WANT the Smiling Somali and the Palestinian deported, but we love hearing the president say, "If you don't like it here, go back to your shithole country."

It's the ultimate "EFF YOU!"

And we love it when the president speaks without fear.

@Kambeii @Alex_Graham

It took me days of research to find how many Neo-Nazis there are in the US.

About 2000.

Add that to the 3000 Klansmen.

And as somebody said, half of both groups are FBI informants.

The Democrats now pose an existential threat to the US.

American fascists could all go to the same concert at the Boston House of Blues.

LOL I missed this!

OK, you ready?

Apparently Putin got Salvini elected in Italy, according to the geniuses at the clownshow of FakeNews idiocy, the New York Times.




@Alex_Graham @ThomasWic @DuaneCates

I found this youtube video from 2012 by the guy, Will Van Spronsen singing protest music...The first song has a line about 'burning down the masters house...


@Alex_Graham @DuaneCates

Antifa could be designated a terrorist group, such as the Earth Liberation Front.

But designating them insurrectionists makes them lose virtually all their rights.

And the feds can bring in military assets.

These folks wanted a fight.

Beware what you wish for. You just might get it.


Well, Barr will unleash gunslingers we don't know about.

As I told you, Time magazine reported that in response to the 1992 LA riots, the "shadowy" Prisons, Borders, and Insurrections Task Force had been activated for the first time.

It was described as a paramilitary federal unit of about 1000 men and women.

I've never been able to find any information on it.

Well now Antifa has a Martyr
As this happened in Washington State the Officers who killed him & THEIR FAMILIES will now be endangered.


MSM is blowing it all out of proportion now.
Almost all power has been restored now...but MSM is still trying to make it "Breaking News"


Blown transformers are nothing to panic about. Repair crews are well equipped these days and can replace them fairly quickly. Power will be back on in NYC very soon.


I'm thinking the fact Trump made such a public announcement about ICE deportations happening this weekend that it was actually a federal operation to expose pro-illegal immigration groups.

They'll just have ICE vehicles drive around in circles in suspected neighborhoods and listen to the chatter. I'm sure they got warrants so whatever is said is admissible in court.

It's being reported that Antifa social media accounts are cheering the attack on the ICE facility.

Just to be clear the definition of terrorism is the unlawful use of violence in the pursue of political goals.

In all the recent Antifa rallies I've heard cries about Trump putting children in cages. Of course this is a lie. But it was bound to incite a nut job to attack a ICE facility.

Antifa is a terrorist organization.

Article: Armed man attacking Tacoma’s ICE detention center killed in officer-involved shooting

"Deb Bartley, a friend of Van Spronsen’s for about 20 years, described him as an anarchist and anti-fascist, and she believes his attack on the detention center was intended to provoke a fatal conflict."

Antifa is a terrorist group.


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