To be a truly free and independent nation, any country needs to be able to fuel itself just as much as it needs to be able to feed itself. If the Democrats had their way, the US fossil fuel boom would be shut down, Russia would be vastly enriched and empowered through its oil industry, and America would once again be dependent on OPEC oil, which we now see can be disrupted by one drone strike from some shadowy rebels.


There. I told you Trump and the Saudis would figure out the right response to Iran's attacks on the Saudis oil infrastructure.

The answer is total confusion.

Now the mullahs have no idea what's going to happen.


Duane Cates:


Kavanaugh Accusation 2.0 doesn't matter to those lost in TDS that it was debunked in record time.

The Left creates chaos DELIBERATELY.

*Solutions=Unplug from harmful/negative media on all fronts, there are many amazing & wonderful people online...seek them out.



This is the most important thing that was said today.

Reports indicate the U.S. intends to announce the name (classified to this day) of one of the most important elements behind the 9/11 attacks.

@Alex_Graham I was in Israel a month ago and was surprised to see West Bank already prospering. The anti Israel propagandists do a good job of hiding the truth from the rest of the world. Honestly, the safest place for an Arab in the Middle East is in Israel.

@ThomasWic @Alex_Graham

My dear late aunt was able to make 3 trips to Syria to visit/meet family we have (had?) there. Her last trip was at least 35 years ago. She was shocked at how they treated Palestinians - it shook her to the core. Most were slaves & considered subhuman. "And these countries tell us that we need to take care of those 'poor people' when they treat them like dirt???!!! They LIE!"


For @Alex_Graham

I'm not very sympathetic to Palestinians, but I saw something a couple of years ago that still haunts me.

There was a Palestinian "refugee camp" in Syria called Yarmouk.

Assad attacked it, and the local armed militia--Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis--allied with al-Qaeda to defend against the Syrians.


I would caution everyone...again.

Two days ago we hit the Taliban the hardest we ever have.

Today we carried out the first carpet bombing since the Vietnam War.

Bolton's departure is almost certainly a rabbit for everyone to chase while we carry out the military operations that Bolton was advocating.


I knew this was going to happen after seeing this interview. POTUS Trump sent Kushner with the right team to solve the Palestine problem. I believe he's done it.


@Alex_Graham Great point. Their 'hidden' money in various markets will take a huge hit. If that happens After some mainstream accounts are seized by the govt? Hoo boy, shit show.

"Netanyahu vows to annex all settlements, starting with Jordan Valley"

I predicted this once it was announced Jared Kushner was going to the West Bank to negotiate an agreement.

The One State Solution is the best option for the region.

Netanyahu will have the support of POTUS Trump and more importantly the Saudis and Emirates royal families.

Ignore the doomsayers. The West Bank will be peaceful and prosperous after it formally joins Israel.


5) ADDENDUM: Let's imagine some numbers...

Big banks take in big fees from money launderers.

Cryptocurrencies are majority in laundered money.

Big chunk of high end condos around the world are owned by money launderers.

All of these markets are inflated by criminal activity.

What happens when the big crackdown comes?

See why POTUS Trump has so many enemies?

Has anyone ever infiltrated leftist twitter and got a closeup look? I put in a little time and did it.

Let me just say it’s whacky. It’s beyond any meme. They are young. They are high strung & orange man bad.

They viciously infight over higher victim status. They dox each other.

I’d like to persuade and influence, but I’m not sure if I am skilled enough yet. If I fail, can always reinvent and start over. At the least it’s a front row seat as they eat their own.


1) Traditionally, recessions are triggered by the Fed overtightening or high commodity prices.

The amount of money laundered is the main variable to determine the impact on liquidity, as well as, the number of banks participating.

Because of Basel III the banks are well capitalized. The avg. bear market w/o a recession is about 25% decline. The avg. bear market with a recession is about 35%.

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