There is ZERO chance of a civil war right now.....ZERO!!!! Absolutely 100% Flipping ZERO!!!!

Same goes for world war 3 with China. India just kicked their ass! India!!

Obama's children started with riots and bringing down statues.

Now it's onto burning books. In this case, BIBLES.

How long will it be until these lunatics burn human beings?

Be in no doubt. That's the trajectory they're heading down.


@Alex_Graham don't forget that we live in a copy and paste world.

That's a big part of what makes twatter the shit hole it is...

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Tweeted:
Pelosi & Schumer have no interest in making a deal that is good for our Country and our People. All they want is a trillion dollars, and much more, for their Radical Left Governed States, most of which are doing very badly. It is called a BAILOUT for many years of bad Dem Mgmt!



Now drop the bananas and do some actual damn research Michael...

Try that mindset for a change.


Forward Looking is better than trying to always be looking for dirt on the events of an ever receding past. Bill and HRC are getting old. Soon they too shall pass


It's as if they are closet lib's...wake up it's not changing.

Conservatives let themselves get frustrated for no reason.

They're all over social media complaining about how the fake news media is not covering the Clinton/Epstein connection.

Let's try to live in reality. Fake News is the propaganda arm of the DNC. They're not going to cover the story. It's only "Orange Man Bad" 24/7.

Accept the fact and get over it.

In terms of virtue signaling the whole "defund the police" movement has to be at the top of the list.

These local Democrat politicians are completely insane and dangerous.

Remember to vote down ticket Republican this November.


Say The Dems and their craven apparatchiks.

Trump is a frigging genius.

Look at the hysteria Trump has caused, all over the world.

'OrangeMan is on the ropes. He wants to delay the election. No way!'

Trump - 'OK then.'

Durham & Co - hammer time.

The Democrats : 'muh Durham indictments/Trump dictator. We must delay the election!'

Trump: ' F U biotches.'

See how he plays them so easily?


The few.

The Proud.

The first 21 QVTV Members.

Thank you all.

Let's make this informative and fun!

@athena12 @Alex_Graham

The Dems are evil and repulsive and they are also collapsing like a condemned building - and they are using the wrecking ball on themselves.

When they had real power, they were smug, contemptuous, self-assured and certain that the future belonged to them.

Now, they are in the throes of a mass psychotic breakdown.

That happens at the end - when power is disintegrating and the future is lost

They try to stop it and only destroy themselves. They are staring at the abyss

So what happened to "flatten the curve"? I thought after we flatten the COVID curve things could go back to normal. I guess we were lied to by the "experts".

Many fail to understand that this is a disaster for China.

Xi and his thugs are going to pay for this.


Count on it.

From the start I've thought that the Wuhan Flu was designed by the CCP as a killer blow to the US.

It's hurt. But it hasn't worked. The Chinese had one shot. They screwed up.

Unfortunately for Xi, POTUS is none other than Donald J Trump.

Come at the King, best not miss.

Xi missed. The future does not bode well for him or his goons, including the Democratic Party.

@Alex_Graham @athena12 @timr

Exactly and he NEVER telegraphs a punch.

People have to get out of the media habit of telegraphing every damned thing.

It is their favorite tool for setting narratives.

Trump simple says;

Narrative this!

Just like Wictor's White Sleeves guy.

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