This is much bigger than an impeachment trial. Let's hope the good guys prevail.

Donald J. Trump on Facebook:

"Our movement is a movement unlike anything our country has seen!"

It is reported that Durham and Barr may be closing in on a number of indictments.

If that is indeed true, who among the plotters do you think have turned and are now cooperating with Barr and the investigation to gain a get out of jail card.

There was a conspiracy here, and it was a coup to interfere with and overturn our constitutionally elected government.

It is still active as we speak.

These people are cowards and will turn on one another if they are pressured.

Chicago - wall-to-wall investigation touching at least 20 politicians and their operatives, eight companies and 12 governmentmagencies and departments so far. It’s only going to grow.

digitaledition.chicagotribune. - With FBI corruption probe in high gear, how nervous are elected officials in Illinois? Very

California is turning into a third world country run by despots.

California Turns Off a Lot More Than Just the Lights with Forced Blackouts

At UC Berkeley biochem grad student Sarah Morris says that the recent outage “may have destroyed two years of her ground-breaking cancer research, valued at $500,000.” If you’re wondering what its value could have been to cancer victims who now might never receive the benefits of Morris’s research, I suspect you’re not alone.
STUTTGART, Germany— Turkey’s invasion of Syria has generated widespread international condemnation, infuriated allies and raised questions about whether the country’s inclusion within NATO should be reconsidered.

But even if there was consensus inside NATO about kicking Turkey out, the 70-year-old military alliance faces this key obstacle: no mechanism exists in NATO’s founding charter for revoking a state’s membership.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.