President Trump.
I wonder why the image is sideways.

I love him. He's speaking now at the Palm Beach Hilton, and I was lucky enough to get a ticket. 🥰

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The DHS is quietly using a small regional airport in central Texas to disperse large groups of illegal immigrants throughout the U.S. after releasing them from detention facilities in other parts of the state, city & fed sources confirm. READ:

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They obviously want to muffle any reporting on the Maricopa county audit report. Draw attention away from that by the timing of these subpoena requests.

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We the people are not done. We have many miles to go and hills to climb but we are winning. Stay tuned and keep your spirits high! Thank you QV for inspiring me to stay engaged.

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Mike Pompeo on Telegram just now=
Mike Pompeo, [26.05.21 17:45]
This Administration greenlighted the attacks on Israel through their weakness on the Iranian regime, who funded the rockets from Hamas.

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Written by Mike Pompeo

Iran's Attacks on Israel Demand American Support for Israel | American Center for Law and Justice

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Each explosion is a missile being intercepted.

The Palestinians fired 400 rockets and missiles. Two elderly Israeli women died, cause unknown.

And the Israelis are busy killing the terrorist rocket commanders.

Palestinian weapons are obsolete.

So is the US. Under Biden.

Be patient. We'll be back to normal when Trump is ready.

For HIM, doing the right thing isn't hard.

It's FUN.


The Biden Era doesn't matter. Whatever he breaks can be fixed.

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My guess is that all the ducks are now in a row.

What will happen?

No idea.

But having studied warfare and counterterrorism for almost 40 years, I can tell you that a massive surprise attack almost always works.

"The big lie" is what corrupt REPUBLICANS are calling the attempt to make sure every legal vote is counted.

But they've lost the war.

Trump is running the show.

I expect that we won't be disappointed with upcoming developments.


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The GIA plan was to fill the airliner's fuel tanks to the top and then crash into the Eiffel Tower.

In the name of God.

They kept telling the passengers to not worry, because they were all martyrs going right to paradise.

All thewomen had to sit separately and cover their hair.

See, hair is EVIL,but mass murder is holy.

In Marseilles, the GIGN outwitted them in multiple ways.

When the GIGN attack took place, the officers killed one terrorists right away.

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